New Fall Candles Have Arrived At Bath and Body Works

I knew the Fall Bath and Body Works candles were on their way…

Because Kari from Once Bitten Blog tweeted about it. I knew my wallet was going to be empty soon! But, that’s why I hoard my receipt surveys from B&BW; they never expire!!

I had the cutest young guy helping me find all the new fragrances. He was new to working at B&BW and I found him to be a delight. It was a good thing my sniffer was working this day, he introduced me to a lot of new scents.

I snapped away (with my cell phone) a lot of photos to show…

I hit up the mini candle bar. Since the medium and large size candles weren’t on sale yet, I stuck with the little ones so I could get started. Plus, I would find out which ones I have to get in the larger size.

The minis were 3 for $5 so I got 6. Here’s the fragrances I got to try out:

-Pumpkin Caramel Latte

-Black Pepper Bergamot

-Lavender Vanilla

-French Baguette

-Mahogany Teakwood

-Cinnamon Nut Bread (which has been the candle of the day today)

I know I’m getting the Black Pepper Bergamot fragrance. I love almost any fragrance that has Black Pepper in it. Years back, Bath and Body Works had a mens’ line called Molton Brown. When they had it all on clearance, I picked up ‘Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Soother’ lotion. I got it for me, not the hubs.

And the Mahogany Teakwood, another masculine scent, is on the will-buy list too. The French Baguette isn’t as strong as I would like. The Caramel Pumpkin Latte is just one of several pumpkin scents they have in the Fall line up.There are several cider and fresh apple scents as well as some favorites from last year. My fav: Marshmallow Fireside!

Have you seen the new Fall candles in your Bath and Body Works store? Which ones are you loving?