Newest Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Collection 2013

The colors for both nail polishes and eye shadows have been so appealing this summer. I don’t think I have been this pleased with summer shades. When I saw the new Sally Hansen LE polish collection, I have to admit, it was the ‘LE’ that reeled me in. I managed to pick just 3…

Sally Hansen and Salon Perfect polishes

Sally Hansen and Salon Perfect polishes

nail swatches 027The sunlight was just right to show off the sparkles in these polishes. I thought they were pretty in the store when I found them; they are breathtaking in the sunlight…

Sally Hansen polish swatches 008 Sally Hansen polish swatches 001 Sally Hansen polish swatches 015

nail swatches 035 nail swatches 031 nail swatches 034I was able to flesh out the real blue tones in ‘Royal Invite’ when I used my green adirondack porch chair. This shade looks like a brilliant night time sky.

And, if ‘Royal Invite’ looks like the night sky, then ‘On Parade’ is the morning sun…

nail swatches 030‘Private I’ has all the makings of a crushed velvet king’s cape…

nail swatches 029All three of these vibrant colors remind me of the Colorado Renaissance Fair that I went to this past weekend. I saw the Queen and King in their carriage and, a bawdy beggar where no one got away from him without some sort of wicked barb..

Renne Faire found Salon Perfect polishes 024 Renne Faire found Salon Perfect polishes 031 Renne Faire found Salon Perfect polishes 057 Renne Faire found Salon Perfect polishes 070 Yes, that is a turkey leg and he has put a baby shoe on it. See his collection of baby shoes in the lower left corner. That was uber creepy!Renne Faire found Salon Perfect polishes 071The polishes and the Festival…they are all fun things I enjoy. How about you? Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?

  • Amber

    What pretty colors for fall! 🙂

  • Beautiful colors, I am totally in love with orange for all year!

    • I would never have worn orange before being a blogger. Yet, some of these oranges, like this one, are so complex and compelling, I can’t pass them up.

  • terrenity

    Hahaha, I was scrolling through the pictures and thought, “that looks EXACTLY like the Colorado Renn Fest ” and then I read the text. We’ve missed going the last few years, but my husband and I still have our costumes! Thanks for bringing back happy memories. 😉

    • I have a costume as well. Since we just moved here, it’s packed away, unfortunately. Still had fun though.