Tons, I tell ya, TONS of new polishes to get review.  I wonder if the drawer I hide …er, I mean STORE them will hold up.

Today’s polishes are by LASplash in Sparkling Jellyfish…

And Milani’s 2.0 on the toes…

First, the hands.  LASplash is a new to me brand.  I found this new line of cosmetics at Ulta this past week.  I picked this one polish to try out.  It was $3.99, so nothing that breaks the bank.  They have other types of makeup too and I helped myself to a super deep green glitter mascara.  But, I’m digressing.

Today when I went to use this polish, the entire top broke off.  I mean the top of the bottle! To avoid an ugly accident, back to Ulta I went today.  I got it replaced.  It was easy after the manager made sure I got the very same color.  (??? Did she have to say that out loud?)

So, here is the little pistol of a polish presented outside with a slightly overcast sky:

Whoa!!!  Can you say ‘VNL’!!!!  And this is after 4 coats.  I used Base-ics base coat, by Olan Labs, with 2 coats of Seche Clear.  Then came the 4 coats of LASplash to give this amount of coverage.  I start my polish strokes at my cuticle, but as you can tell from this picture, the sparkles didn’t start to lie down til a bit further up.  With each coat, I tried to get the color closer to my cuticle but it didn’t work.  There’s no top coat in this picture but I did, later, put on a coat of Seche Clear and followed with the final coat of Quick & Easy top coat by Olan Labs.  Even then, the nail felt scritchy from the glitter.

This picture shows the color of this orange glitter polish, very well.  The sparkle is iridescent. I ‘think’ this is the type of polish that is referred to as ‘jelly.’  Maybe one of my dear readers can enlighten me on this.  It’s a very sheer coverage.  I was more than just a little disappointed in this as I was hoping my nails would come out looking like the color the bottle presents.

This is by a window with a partially cloudy sky.  Serious Visible Nail Line!  So this one, probably, would do best as an overlay.

Now, on to the toes.  OMG…I’m not even going to embarrass myself by adding a different picture.  This one is just bad enough.

Seriously, I need to spend a few dollars and get a PEDICURE!!!  These poor toes need some TLC and this polish didn’t help one bit.  Booo!  

Milani is one of my favorite makeup lines.  It’s edgy and wild and….affordable.
This polish is called 2.0.  I love it.  And the color in the bottle is a deep lavender-ish gray that flashes silver.  I found this polish to be super thick.  I wonder if I got an old bottle?  Hmmm…because Milani polishes of the past haven’t been this thick.  So once I put it on my toes, it just became gloppy.  The nails themselves do need to be buffed out.  And the picture shows a terrible attempt of clean-up.  Again, the color in the bottle did not translate to the nail like I would have hoped.  Probably will look way better on my hands.

Got any polishes you’ve tried and didn’t end up so great on your nails?  What ones have disappointed you?  Leave your comments…I’m still just starting and would love to hear from you.