NOTD and Toes Too

I made doubly sure that I didn’t pick out a sheer this time.  When all other polishes fail, choose RED!  Vampy, steamy HOT RED!

Here are the shades I picked.  A red for the fingers; Sally Hansen’s Lacquer Shine in Dazzling.  And the toes got Nina’s Pro in Velvet Seas.  No sheers…yeeeaaaa!

Out in brilliant sunlight!  It’s casting more of an orange hue here than it is in real life.  It’s actually a burgundy red with a shine.  I have on 1 BS, 2 coats of Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, 1 coat of Seche Clear and Seche Vite as the finishing top coat.  Now, ultra shiny.

Back indoors, in a sunny window.  This shows a bit truer but, that orange-y-ness, wha???

Toes, outside, in the evening sun.  This is Nina’s Pro Velvet Seas.  A color that looks like dusty green metal in the bottle but polishes to a green that is a smooth velvet.  The bit of shimmer it has is silvery green.  I have on a BC, 1 coat of Seche Clear, 2 color coats and 1 top coat of Seche Clear.  This bottle was on clearance at Sally’s Beauty.  I believe it came from a collection that was out last fall or winter.  I know I have a couple of other velvets from that collection.  They are lush.

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