NYX’s HD Studio Primer Base

NYX cosmetics released quiet a few new items in December. Good timing as I was shopping for gifts and it was easy for me to buy these for ME! Hee hee! Out of the many items I did pick up, here is one that I’m still amazed at…

DSCF0183 DSCF0195


NYX’s HD Studio line hasn’t done me wrong yet. And their Primer Base is not an exception. In fact, it is THE reason I’m hooked on HD-type of makeup!!! It really is magic! Even the box tries to explain it…



Put the primer on your skin and when the light hits it, it glows!!!!!!….



But, if your skin is bumpy, NYX primer will make it even so the sunlight still reflects evenly…

DSCF0189And since sunlight isn’t always gentle on the skin, the primer has protective and nurturing ingredients in it. How’s that for explaining its magic? If that isn’t enough, there’s like an entire novel of info on the box!…

DSCF0193 DSCF0185

NYX always has the ‘good’ symbols on it…



But, enough about words, I bet you want to know how this product performs!!!! In one word: MAGICALLY!…



It seems unassuming at first but, you will notice the stark whiteness of the lotion. Then when I started to blend it out, what it left behind was a noticeable ‘gleam’. But, the camera barely shows it…



As I was using strong side-lighting, when you look at my skin that is closest to the light source, you can see the gleam. Don’t worry that the primer base is going to make your face all shiny; it doesn’t. And, for the record, that little dollop I put on the back of my hand is enough to cover your entire face so, you are seeing a very concentrated amount in a smaller area. This primer is going to seriously give you that ‘glow within’ look.

The true test for foundation primers, in my mind, is how it works around my nose and plays nicely with any type of foundation that I might use. More magic because I can use NYX Primer Base alone or with powder or liquid foundation, alike.

The only downside I see is that the product does feel heavy regardless of how light I try to apply it. But, I’m too busy being mesmerized by that glow that after I apply my foundation, I have already forgotten about it and don’t even notice the weight anymore.

If the weight of the primer bothered a user, I would recommend just applying it on the apples of your cheeks, down the length of your nose and just at the tip of your chin for a bit of highlight and High Definition effect.

I am quite fascinated by this primer. None of the other liquid primers I have give off this glow. I do have a powder primer that behaves this way but I’m still working on trying to apply it without any heavy spots. I’m not having that issue with NYX’s primer.

Have you tried this out yet?


  • Anastasia

    I haven’t tried this primer yet, because I’m not sure it’s the right fit for my combination skin.

    • I have slightly on the drier side skin and I use this primer over my daily morning moisturizer.

  • TinaBowling

    You really make it sound magical, I’ll have to check it out!

  • Nidia Doherty

    This is cool! I like NYX concealer, too – the purple one is awesome at hiding dark spots.

    • I don’t have the purple one but I have the fair complexion tone one and yes, it is niiiiiice!

  • That’s genius that it will reflect evenly to reduce blemishes!!

  • I need a primer that will diminish my sagging butt and turkey neck.

    Coming back to reality, I’ve gotta say that this one looks great! Will sample it this weekend.

    • Do let me know if you like it.

      Well, squats work for sagging butts!!! But, I don’t know what else short of surgery. And turkey neck, I’m on that one next, for sure!!!! No gobbles!!!!!

  • I like their studio line. Lately my biggest requirement for a primer has been to find one that fills in my pores.

    • I don’t know if this one fills in the pores per se, but it does allow my foundation to glide over them and not accentuate them.

  • MyNewestAddiction

    Great review. I was just looking over some NYX stuff today at Ulta!

    • I should have mentioned that is where I did get this primer.

  • Justina

    I have tried a few things by NYX and been really happy with everything I’ve ever tried. I need to check this primer out. I’m looking for a new one that’s inexpensive.

    • Since a little of this product goes a long ways, you will get your money’s worth here.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I haven’t tried this one yet but I see that NYX launched several products late last year. I should check my local drugstore and pick up a few. My fave product from NYX is the matte lipstick

    • Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever gotten a NYX product that I didn’t really like.

  • It sounds interesting and I will definitely have a look at it next time I am in store

  • This does indeed sound fascinating – will give it a try!

    • I was so surprisingly impressed with this primer. I have so many and I thought ‘what could be different’ but NYX starts a whole new game with this one.

  • Betzy Carmona

    Their studio line is amazing 🙂

    • It is, isn’t it? I have liked everything I have purchased from that line so far.

  • I haven’t tried this. How much is it?

    • It’s $17. Use the $3.50 off coupon to make it better.

  • Gia

    Where exactly did you buy it? What store?

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I got it at Ulta, here in Denver.