Ogre Snot or: How I Came to Love Naming Colors

A couple of years after I moved to Virginia Beach, VA from Nashville, TN, I started dating a guy who managed a comic book/miniature collectibles/gaming store. I enjoyed hanging out there and looking at the vast array of items. One area that I enjoyed was the rows and rows of paint used to paint miniatures. Not only did I enjoy just looking at all the different colors, I was obsessed with the names of them; whimsical, silly and so comic-book style. But the one I remember is a green called ‘Ogre Snot.’ Besides being so hilarious, it popped into my mind, I could come up with names like that too.  Hence, my love affair with giving colors names.

The swatch I have for you today reminds of that time. I’m going to compare this year’s green from the China Glaze Halloween collection to last year’s green.

‘It’s Alive’ is the green for 2011. Last year we had fun with ‘Zombie Zest.’

Another side by side comparison.

A close up of ‘It’s Alive.’ The glitter is larger and more of a moss green. The base color is a blackened green with light green glitter.

Check out the side by side on nails…

That’s Ogre Snot ‘Zombie Zest’ on the middle finger. I can see that ‘Zombie Zest’ is an olive jelly base with micro micro-light green glitter. There was a lot of drag on that ‘Zombie Zest.’ It was like trying to use a wet, ol’ booger as polish. (Now that’s GROSS!) 

I used 3 coats for each. I think 2 could have done it but since I wasn’t satisfied with ‘Zombie Zest’ and went for a third coat, I went ahead and did that third coat with ‘It’s Alive’ as well.

Swampy greens with glitter have been trendy for the past year. And I’m quite OK with that. I love the color! So I dug in the vanity drawers to pull out a couple more to compare…

From the left: China Glaze’s ‘It’s Alive’, China Glaze’s ‘Zombie Zest, Sinful Color’s ‘Call You Later’, Orly’s ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’.

With the a passion for oogly-boogly color names like ‘Ogre’s Snot’, I found I had a fairly good creative talent for coming up with names. Any makeup company out there that would like my service, I’m very affordable!!

What swampy green do you like?