One #*$% of a (@&!^ Color!

In spite of never, ever needing another bottle of polish, I still buy them.  Go ahead and say ‘DUH!’ because that’s why we blog.  And, my fickle nature comes out with polish colors because almost every one I get, I think ‘oooh, it’s my favorite!!!’  Total drooling gush.

But, a vampy color is my favorite type of color.  A vampy red and I’m picking it for my marooned on an island color.  Add in some glitter and I’ll never come back from my la la land.
No exception…

I haven’t been as excited about a new collection as much as I was with Color Club’s Untamed Luxury.  This is ‘Red Velvet’ from the Every Shade of Indulgence set.  ‘Red Velvet’…come to Kimmy!!!!!!

This is a black base that has maroon glitter suspended in it.  I would have loved this color even if it didn’t have the glitter, just a combination of black and maroon.  But the maroon as glitter?  I’m making exclamations ala ‘Orbit Gum Commercial.’

One base coat, 2 Seche Clear coats, 2 color coats, 1 Seche Clear and finishing up with Seche Vite.  The polish was easy to apply as far as the formula goes.  I’m not overly fond that the brush is on this side < of skimpy.  But, I'm willing to forgive for that small slight.  If you are interested in a bottle that is easy to hold and a top that is easy to grip, gotcha covered here.

 The photos of the bottle in the sunlight are the only photos here that give a true representation of this smart ass(peration) of color.  Deep, rich and sexy.  Like I said…come to Kimmy!!!!

Even though this was released before Halloween, do you agree that it is still a good Holiday switch-over?  If I were to go to a Christmas/Holiday party, I’d love to find a dress this color.  Wouldn’t that be fu-abulously cool?