OPI’s Rally Pretty Pink Takes the Court with Red Shatter

It was time to have some fun with Pink…

Did you pick up the OPI duo from the Serena Williams collection, ‘Rally Pretty Pink’ with ‘Red Shatter’?

So, it IS a different sort of pink…

However, I. am. loving. it.

Purply-pinky glittery stuff.

I could have stopped right there too. But I was way curious to see what the ‘Red Shatter’ would do…

Gee, whiz!!!

Frankly, I am surprised at how well these complimented each other. Or, maybe I should say, they complimented each other better than I expected. I never question OPI’s collections not working together, however. So I was delightfully surprised that I liked this VERY much.

 Me, along with a host of other wonderful nail bloggers are part of On Wednesdays We Wear Pink group. Click here to find others that have some pink-lovin’.

If you have ‘Red Shatter,’ are you thinking about what else you can combine it with? Do you think ‘Rally Pretty Pink’ is just fine alone, too?

  • Oh wow, they look better together than i would have anticipated! I do really like the 'rally pretty pink' on its own though! xoxo

  • At first glance, Rally Pretty Pink doesn't look pink at all. More of a purplish color. But it looks great with the red shatter over it!

  • Oooh loving the combo!

  • @avs I'm glad we agree. 🙂

    @Peach If you put up a pinky-pink color next to Rally, it does look more purple. But then, it is vice versa if you do purple next to it. LOL

    @Vintage Thank you! Did you get any of these Glam Slams?