Party Hearty Steals My Heart

This has been one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the Holiday.  Here’s China Glaze’s ‘Party Hearty’…

No cute build up before I reveal the finished work.  Here it is right off the bat.  I layered ‘Party Hearty’ over a French white tip by OPI.  The surprise is that the red glitter are teeny stars!  In a clear base it is mixed with different sizes of green glitter.

This is one I so would have grabbed out of my mother’s hand if it was the last bottle.  But I would have quickly remarked ‘But we can share!’

I worked on this one different ways…

I got this French white tip polish in a French mani set from OPI.  I realllllly wish nail polish makers could make all their polishes in this size bottle.  One, I could pretty much be sure I’d use up all the polish, two, I wouldn’t end up with globby, gunky polish near the end and three, I think the prices would come down.  More for everybody!!!

This is the experiment.  On the thumb and middle finger, just ‘Party Hearty’ all by itself.  To see if I could enhance the pizzazz, I used the OPI white on the index and ring finger.  On the little finger I put on some Orly’s ‘Winter Wonderland’.  I am going to try ‘Party Hearty’ with that one momentarily.  However, this is 2 coats of ‘Party Hearty’ on each nail.

This is Orly’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ and it’s from their Holiday collection as well.  I’m admitting I’m still a novice at calling out types of polishes.  However, I’m loving my education from the blogs I follow.  (Check out who I follow over on the right hand column.)  And I’m going to venture that this is a sheer white base with ultra-micro silver white glitter.  Here’s one thing I am sure of, it’s purdy…

I did just the pinky with this color.  This is with two coats.

Next I put 2 coats of ‘Party Hearty’ over that.  At first, I was concerned that putting on the ‘Winter Wonderland’ and then the ‘Party Hearty’ was going to be over-kill.  (Yes, smarties, I do know what over-kill is!!!)  But you can see, that using ‘Winter Wonderland’ isn’t any different than my middle finger with no undercoat.  I guess ‘Winter Wonderland’ will have to go on as its sheer self.  Or, an overlay.

Of course, it was a bear to take off!  But I think it is a very Holiday ‘Party’ manicure.

All this glitter too over the top for you?