Phantom Frights Starry Nights

Can you tell I had a fun time playing with this mani?

This is a polish by Nail Deco and it is called ‘Phantom Frights.’ I have had this for an undetermined amount of time. I, sometimes, will use the time line of my marriage to figure out how long I have held on to something. Did I get it before or after marriage? Since we will be celebrating our 9th anniversary on 11/1, and it is before then, that’s a long time to have nail polish.

This polish is in a clear base with iridescent, micro and quarter moon glitter. There are black stars floating in there as well.

It wasn’t clear in my head what would be the best base polish to use to truly highlight ‘Phantom Frights.’ Since I was probably only going to use this polish just one time this holiday for it, I wanted to make is special.

I’m too fickle to land on just one…

I gathered polishes that I thought would play well with ‘Phantom Frights.’ So, this is what I got:
Thumb-Cosmetic Arts unnamed Turquoise; Index-Ulta ‘Not From Concentrate’; Middle-Urban Outfitters-‘Ashtray’; Ring-Color Club random bright green; Pinky-Finger Paints-‘To-Teally Chic’.

I played A LOT…

Thumb-Cosmetic Arts unnamed Turquoise;Cosmetic Arts unnamed Baby Blue; Ring-Ulta’s ‘Something Blue’-Pinky-Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure-‘Dive Deeper’.

I did my thumbs both with Cosmetic Arts Turquoise because that is the base shade I liked best.

All base coats, as well as glitter polish, are 2 coats. I didn’t put on a top coat as I knew I was only going to have it on a couple of days. And yes, that glitter was a pain to remove. But I got a couple of comments from strangers that they thought it looked fun. These two people were quite amused when I explained the concept of manicure ‘Skittles.’

Which one do you like best?