Pick 3 Polishes Challenge

I was up for the challenge, I just couldn’t pull it off.

The lovely, C, at Lacquerware For Tips and Toes, gave out a nail blogging challenge.  She suggested grabbing the first 3 bottle of polish you can get out of your stash, and make some type of art with it.  Sounds fun!  Check over at her blog to see the other bloggers that joined in on the fun. 

Here’s what I grabbed…

I picked my three from three different stashes and they all ended up being China Glaze.  Weird.  The first one I grabbed was the Matte Top Coat.  Right then I knew it was going to be at least ‘interesting.’  Next was ‘Hey Doll’ and lastly, I chose ‘Hologram.’

There were two different designs following in my skull.  Here was the first one…

 First, I taped off my nails in a diagonal.  I polished with ‘Hey Doll’, two coats.  Then I put on the Matte Top Coat.  After drying, I took off the tape and did the other side in ‘Hologram’.  Once that dried, I took a Stripe Rite pen, and in black, put a single stripe offsetting the two colors.  Then I put on a top coat, just on the stripe and over ‘Hologram’.

Truly, I do not have a steady hand.  Grrr… But, you get the idea, just not a clear idea.

 Then, just for kicks, I did the other idea I had…

I only am showing these because I accepted the challenge; definitely not to show off great work.  It’s not great at all.  And the colors and design are interesting, at the most.  I wanted to keep my word to Laquer For Tips and Toes.  She is, truly, a sweetheart and, I recommend you follow her blog.  That’s where you’ll see the cool stuff. 🙂

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