Piggy Polish: Lightmare For Halloween

It’s treat or trick time! This polish got the trick on me…

This is Piggy Polish’s ‘Lightmare’ for Halloween. I got this at Ulta and it was $7.50. All I can come up with is that this shade is weird…

I get the orange glitter. However, the milky black base, with gobs of not quite black micro-glitter, that ends up looking like dirty water, I don’t get or like…

It applied OK. It was a bit thick but, that actually helped the glitter to transfer. I have 3 coats on with no top coat. There’s no compliant about how it covered. However, I should point out that it is key to watching out for possible bald spots.

It’s just that this combo is not my cup of tea. ‘Lightmare’ isn’t something I’ll be holding onto…

Even in real life, that dark gray gives off a bluish cast. I’m just confused over this entire polish color!

I’m feeling compelled to watch the presidential debate. Sounds like a good time to remove this polish. I can tell it’s going to be a beast…the polish, not the debate.

Is it me or is this Halloween polish a trick?

  • I actually kinda dig it – then again, I’m a fan of smokey bluish grey polishes 😉

    • Then we need to get together for some Starbucks. I’ll give it to you!

  • I want! Watching the debate right now… having a hard time paying attention. Let’s just listen to Bill Clinton instead.

    • While I was looking away and Romney was talking, it sounded so like Reagan sometimes. That was spooky.

  • I like it.. maybe it needs some under it or nail stamping on top .. ya think

    • Yes, it does need so assistance. LOL Something underneath would help.