PMD: Personal Microderm System

Keeping your skin healthy all year-round is key to having a great complexion. However, if you are putting on moisturizers, serums and balms on top of layers of dead skin, you are wasting your money and your time!

Exfoliating is super important. By removing that dead layer of skin at the surface, your skincare products will penetrate into fresh skin layers and really do their job. My favorite way of exfoliating, and I mean, truly removing the flaky skin at the surface, is with my Personal Microderm or, PMD, an at-home microdermabrasion system…


I love the convenience of using my PMD in my own home. I don’t have the hassle of making any appointments or deal with the expense of a spa. I use my PMD once a week. However, it only takes one treatment to notice a HUGE difference! You know that term ‘soft as a baby’s behind’? That’s how your skin will feel after using the PMD, EVERY TIME! So, instead of just softening the dead, flaky skin, you are revealing the new skin underneath that is primed to drink in your favorite moisturizer and reveal smooth and soft skin while buffing away fine lines and cleaning out pores.

With the PMD set, you get 7 planers. These are the sanding pads that gently remove the dead, dull skin. I start off using the practice disc as it is the most gentle and it does everything I need it to do. There are larger discs for larger areas such as your heels and elbows and, discs with heavier grit.


While you stroke the PMD across your dry skin, the head is actually vacuuming up the flaky skin. I like this for two reasons: One is that there is no dust flying around while I am using it and two, this vacuuming action also stimulates the skin which promotes more blood flow and creates healthier skin.


Using a microdermabrasion system can be very intimidating at first. I am glad that the company thought to include a DVD in the system to take you step-by-step through the process. After one use, you’ll see how easy it is and look forward to creating your own results right in your own home. Besides having immediate results, I like getting the full effort of my skincare products.

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This isn’t something you can breeze through without looking in the mirror, I should mention. This is a serious treatment and you want to create the best outcome so, don’t get in a hurry. Enjoy the process as it is quite soothing. The PMD has a loud hum to it and it changes when you have created a successful vacuum as you plane across your skin. Start off with clean, dry skin and being planing on the smoother, flatter surfaces of your face, like right under the puffy part of your cheeks. Once you get accustomed to the upward motions, you can start working around your nose and by the chin area. I can get very flaky in the inner crease of my nose area and it’s very gratifying to microderm this area and see those flakes disappear.

The PMD plugs into an outlet, with a rather long cord and, maintenance of the unit itself is very simple. For the cost of just one spa microdermabrasion treatment, you can own the PMD for life. Right now, they have a 10% discount, store-wide, at their site. I totally recommend you get one and start your New Year with New Skin!


This product was sent to me for review. These are my own, honest opinions and results.#pmd #personalmicroderm ย @pmdpersonalmicroderm

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    Sounds like a wonderful system! I’ve never tried one but I know my skin would benefit

    • Kimberly Purcell

      This is the first and only system I have tried. It’s simple to use and I’m 100% pleased with it.

  • This seriously intrigues me!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Miss M, you’d love how it makes your skin feel!

  • This looks so cool!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I LOVE the results!

  • I have this on my wish list!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      After using this, Sheila, you will fall in love with your favorite skincare products all over again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anastasia

    What a neat invention! Microdermabrasion salon treatments can be quite expensive, so owning a device like this would save a lot of money indeed. Great review!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Totally agree!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    I tried this and it kept sucking my skin in making it really red, I finally gave up. I’m sure it was operator error.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Well, it does suck the skin in to create a vacuum. But, you still have to pull it along the skin as well. Don’t give up, Cindy!!!

  • I want this, but then I ask myself if I really trust myself to do it. I have a needy toddler, and I’m not sure if this would work since I’d have to be in front of the mirror to use it.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I do recommend you do it in front of the mirror. I was nervous about using it at first, let me tell ya!!! But, I practiced on the back of my hands before I went to my face. And you know what? I know do the back of my hands before my face because my hands have done well with this treatment too.

      Put it on your list for later on when you can have about 15 or 20 minutes to yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I used one of these years ago and really liked it but I definitely don’t feel like I used it to its full potential.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      There’s a learning curve, I agree. My motivation was not only the results I’d get but all the money I save from not having to go to the dermatology office and get this done.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I need this in my life! I have extra time in the name of vanity, ugh!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Kath, you will LOVE this!!!

  • I am dying to try this! It looks awesome

    • Kimberly Purcell

      It so lived up to my expectations. I am very excited to tell everyone!

  • This is cool. I would love to try this on my nose, especially.

    • Kimberly Purcell

      I’m tellin’ ya….INSTANT results there!!! And, seeing my nose become flake-free is what I look forward to each time I use this.

  • I have this and really like it!!

    • Kimberly Purcell

      That’s great to hear!

  • Betzy Carmona

    I have been wanting to try this gadget

    • Kimberly Purcell

      Maybe if you get some Christmas money you can get it! ๐Ÿ™‚