Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ Cream

Oh, heavens! I was NOT going to jump on the BB Cream band wagon. I didn’t have any real interest in the product. Nor, did I need another product to add to the variety of my collection. Then, I end up getting samples in magazines. I find coupons that I get reimbursed the cost of my BB Cream purchase. And now, I get Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ to try out…

samples and swatches 001Yes, Pond’s has been around for years. Yet in the last couple of years, they have upped their game to appeal to a whole new generation. I’m hoping I can get you on the band wagon too because, I think Pond’s products are worth your consideration. I ask you to take a closer peek at these BB+ Creams… samples and swatches 002I won’t recommend that you use this as your sole provider for SPF protection. However, a broad spectrum of 15 is a good start. I found some of the natural ingredients (ginger, zinc oxide, potassium and iron) to be a surprise…a pleasant surprise… samples and swatches 003 samples and swatches 004However, sometimes natural ingredients can mean a shorter shelf life. I don’t know how old these creams are but, I see I should use them up before next March… samples and swatches 005 The tubes are well-packaged. Not only are they pretty but I like that it is easy to squeeze out the product, rather than stick my fingers in a jar. The tops twist off firmly and the hole is small. I don’t think I’m going to end up with cream goo all over my vanity…samples and swatches 006Pond’s BB+ Cream comes in only two shades: Light and Medium. There isn’t any doubt which one is right for me. However, I’m sad that darker-skin beauties don’t get an opportunity to work with this… samples and swatches 009 samples and swatches 015The light is an awesome match! The cream is so creamy and sooth to apply. I was able to build up the coverage to disguise any spots or redness with complete ease. Even though it did set nicely on my skin, I had to use a translucent finishing powder to keep it from being overly dewy. It may be OK for some folks to have that dewy glisten however, I don’t like it. It wasn’t heavy, I just like a matte finish to my complexion. But then it DOES say it is ‘luminous’.

You can find Pond’s BB+ Cream at Walmart, Target, Ulta and drugstores. Occasionally, you can find it in grocery stores. I have noticed that some of the grocers will carry just the medium if they carry it at all.

I gotta know if you have tried Pond’s BB+ Cream and what you think about it. Is it something you like?


This product was provided to me by the maker, Unilever. My opinions are strictly my own.