Poshe’ AHA Cuticle Care Cream

Can you take pity on me? My nails, cuticles to be exact, continue to stuggle in rehab. If my cuticles were cigarettes, I’d be a 3-packer. It’s a funny thing, the subconscious. I don’t relieve stress picking at my cuticles but I still do it.

I do have some products on my side though. And, I use them every chance I get.

Poshe’ Cuticle Cream is one of my first lines of defense. Previously, I have only seen Poshe’ Cuticle Cream on the shelves at Ulta and some drug stores; I just never gave it any attention. That is until my cuticle-knawing habit got so bad that I had to get them back into shape and fast!

sample and July empties 242 For a small tube, coming in at .5 fluid ounces, this product totes some big guns…

sample and July empties 246I need every single thing that Poshe’ Cuticle Cream remedies. Hangnails? For sure. Exfoliates AND moisturizes cuticles? Check.

sample and July empties 248Hey, it even says I can use this on my elbows! But, I’m just going to concentrate on the cuticles with this little baby.

sample and July empties 243 Poshe’ Cuticle Cream has alpha hydroxy acids as its work horse for ‘problem’ cuticles. Usually called AHA, alpha hyddroxy acids work to exfoliate dead skin and help promote firmer, new skin. That’s why you may find AHA in facial products too.

Directions say use one to two times a day. I laughed at that…

sample and July empties 244I use it hourly. Besides AHA, Poshe’ Cuticle Cream has jojoba oil, aloe, milk protein and panthenol (think Pantene) in it.

And fortunately, this cream smells nice. It’s not heavily fragranced, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Just a nice, generous amount on each nail…PosheI rub it in like crazy and actually enjoy the soothing relieve I get by moisturizing my dry cuticles.

Even though I have severely dry cuticles, I recommend this to anyone that has cuticles, dry or otherwise. Poshe’ makes a premium cuticle cream that anyone can use.

Do you use a cuticle cream?


This product was provided to me for review. These views are my own and honest opinions.