Profusion Brightening Eyes Shadows for the Upcoming Holidays

Here are the swatches I did of the Profusion Brightening Eyes shadows I got this week at Walgreens…

 There are just 3 pans from this collection, currently being sold at Walgreens. I couldn’t lose for only $.99 each. Now, some snooping investigating turned up this on their website; There are also a pink, blue and neutral (or it could be bronze-since they are numbered rather than named, I don’t know which one is which) pans. And the discription states that these can be used wet or dry. I’m only showing dry today. I think the Profusion shadows would look awesome as wet eyeliners.

The ‘greens’ pan was one I just about passed on. But I’m glad I didn’t!

Here are swatches for the green one…

I did not swatch all individual shade. The very top one is a swipe of all of them together. Then I did just 3 individual shades. The lightest shade came out the least pigmented. However, when I wore it over UD Primer, and used it as a highlighter, it was very pigmented. I just used a cotton swap for these swipes here.

Next, this is the ‘purple’ pan…

 The mixture of all of them together is the swipe at the bottom.

And, finally, this is the ‘bronze’ (?) pan…

 I knew right off I was going to go for that burgundy, second to the last, in the pan.

The top swipe is the mixture of all colors. The bottom swipe shows the burgundy that has some serious flash of purple and brown. I am eager to try that one wet as an eyeliner.

My two cents: if you want some cheap makeup, this will work. The highlight color from the purple pan got shiny after just one look’s use. However, I was still getting enough powder on the brush to transfer onto my browbone.

If you want to take just one palette/pan for a trip, these would work very well and you could create many different looks with just one pan. I’m taking the purple one for a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast this weekend. My sister has flown in from Texas, and her and her fiance’ will get married on the beach on Sunday. 🙂

Having purchased Profusion Cosmetics in the past, this this collection is very vibrant, shimmery and trendy color coordinating. Considering the price, I think you get better than your money’s worth. I had expected these to be $3.99 each which, by the way, is exactly the price they are on their website.

Now for some virgin makeup porn…

  • These are really pretty shades, i need to go to Walgreens more often. hehe. Thank you for sharing.


  • I really like the purple quad, really beautiful colors 🙂

  • @Dale You're welcome. Do check out Walgreens. There are usually a lot of these types of products at Christmas time.

    @Christine When I found out there was a pink one, now I want that one too. 🙂

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  • Love the purple one! I may get some of these as a cheaper alternative to the Milani ones. 🙂

  • @Vintage Makeup Milani is a finer mill; that I do know. But with Profusion, even though it has great pigmentation, I don't get the fall out like with Milani.

  • The first one caught my eye. :3 I imagine they'd all be really wonderful over coloured bases.

  • Ohh, I've never seen these before. Where in the store did you see these? I want that green one!

  • Derr, okay, nvm. I matched up the lunchboxes on your previous post. Grr, Walgreens, I am not that tall! @.@