Profusion Cosmetics Holiday Gift Sets at Walgreens

Yesterday, I teased about some upcoming makeup at Walgreens. I would have purchased more but I am trying to refrain from having the largest makeup palette collection in North America.

Here are some of the goodies I saw…

Before there is room on the ‘regular’ shelves, Walgreens will house products on the upper levels of the shelves. This is where I have been looking for Wet ‘n Wild’s On The Prowl display. However, I think that now it is Halloween season, they would be at eye-level.

Profusion Cosmetics looks like the first company to get their stuff to Walgreens. This is a makeup bag of 5 vibrate colors of lip gloss. Since the plastic reflects the light, I can’t show the shimmer that are in each of these. And, I seem to be having another love affair with lip glosses, so I’m sure I’ll end up, at some point, with this set. Price point: $4.99

Here are the ones that I could NOT pass up…

At 99 cents, how easy is that?! I’m going to do a swatch post for you very soon, however, here is what they look like…

No names, just numbers. I almost didn’t get the green set. But let me say, I’m glad I didn’t pass it up! Just wait for the swatching!!

Palettes galore!!!


Three different bling palettes have a collection of a dozen colors all together. Probably some dupes but it is virgin makeup porn and I like it!!!!! And did you notice that the display says that the cover is a reusable card holder? I’ll have to see if my pink blingy card holder is the same as this one.
Price point: $4.99

Look forward to my swatches of these…

I wore a combination from all three palettes today. Some of the shades are more pigmented than others but I liked what I created. There a could of shades that I’m happy to have.

Does anyone like Profusion Cosmetics?

  • I picked those stripe shadows up today and peered closely at them! However, I put them back down… talked myself out of them because they looked satiny whereas I prefer a strong matte or definite shimmer.
    Can't wait to see your swatches!

    (Still no On The Prowl over here….)

  • those business card holders are too cute!

  • no on the prowl in suburbia michigan, Im still trying to see if KarenD has located them yet, Ive rite-aid, CVS and Walgreens everywhere, even in their halloween departments. This weekend Im hitting my fav CVS for HTF Opi maybe I will have some luck there

  • Can't wait for the swatches! Those palettes look very similar to Milani 🙂

  • Everything looks so nice, loving that profusion palette in nr 02, looks gorgeous. Cant wait to see the swatches 🙂

  • @Mimi I don't find there is a matte in there. Since it says brightener, they are super shimmery. I should get the swatches up today. 🙂

    @jbrobeck Damn cute, eh? <3

    @EverythingsDiamond As a 'treasure hunter' myself, I wish you luck!

    @Vintage Makeup I should have took photos in the store to compare. Maybe I'll remember and do that. I do see a lot of similarity.

    @g3pinkii Thank you for visiting my blog.

    @Christine Hi, Love! I was ooohing and ahhhing was I swatched too.