Pure Ice: Halloween Crackle Looks Get You Into The ‘Spirit’

I’m all about getting the best deal for my money. And Pure Ice polishes deliver. Their color range is huge. Even their crackle polishes come in 11 colors. And, at $1.99 each, you can get several.

Here are some that will get your nails in the Halloween spirit…

For the nail wheels, I started off with Cult Nails’ ‘Nevermore’: my go-to one-coat black polish. The next swatch is the yellow ‘Catwalk’ crackle over the black. And then, the Shattered’ green over black creme. The far right is Pure Ice’s black crackle, named ‘Strobe Light’ over L’Oreal’s ‘The Temptress’ Touch’.

And then I just went Pure Ice Crackle Happy…

‘Catwalk’ over black on my thumb and middle finger. ‘Shattered’ over black cream on my index and ring finger. On my pinky, ‘Nevermore’ by itself.

Wait…I still have more to show you…

Random polishes with Pure Ice over them. Check out the middle finger: that’s an orange glitter with ‘Shattered’ over it. The pinky is an orange and yellow glitter with ‘Strobe Light’ over it.

So, you can see that it would not be hard to come up with some spooky, crackle nails for Halloween. And, just one bottle of crackle from Pure Ice, you can make lots of combos with polishes you already own.

Pure Ice is found at Walmart stores.

The Pure Ice crackles were sent to me for my review and my honest opinion. Cult Nails sent me ‘Nevermore’ for promotional use as well.