Purple, Pretty Please

A second life for ‘Alter Ego,’ which I showed in my last post

‘Alter Ego’ has to have other sides. I went to explore them. Also, I have sort of a fetish with all these shatter and crackle effects. I didn’t get into them the last time they trended. I didn’t even know about them! Looks like I’m going to be able to this time around and, in a plethora of brands and colors.


So, here is a shatter on ‘Alter Ego.’ This is OPI’s ‘Silver Shatter’ from their current ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ collection. ‘Silver Shatter’ makes you work fast. Put it on and quickly move onto the next nail. Don’t fuss with it!

Next, is a crackle.  This is Sally Hansen’s ‘Vintage Violet’…


I found ‘Vintage Violet’ to be a thicker polish but it did allow time to easily apply before it took affect. And, maybe the thicker coat made for large chunks of the crackle.

I can’t pick which one I like best; they are both awesome…

 ‘Vintage Violet’s top was on super tight. I had to pull out the muscles to get it opened. And when I finally did…ut oh…

Poor thing is brush challenged. That made application a bit more tricky. Luckily, I like the color well enough to get over it.

Are you ready to be looking at the crackle/shatter trend through the rest of the year?