Rehab For My Nails: Thanks To Flaunt Beauty Bar

I have mentioned several times, over the past few weeks, that my nails have been in rehab. They broke, tore, and became weak. I have been using a couple of products that I will give separate reviews on but I wanted to show that there has been some light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are the nasty critters before getting a manicure…

I snapped these photos before my friend, LaShon Evans, owner of Flaunt Beauty Bar, in Orlando, FL put her expertise to work. I told her I needed help and I knew she was the expert to help me out. She said not to worry my pretty lil head and come on in, she’d take care of me.

I bet she’s seen some doozies before, because she said my nails weren’t in all that bad of shape. She said that they were not as thin as I believed them to be, save for my two middle fingers. But, she said that with better TLC than what I have put forth, I could get back on track. And she gave my nails a makeover…

She cleaned them up and applied clear soak-off Gelish to stop the tears (even the weepy tears!). For the most part, they are all even and in uniform shape. My right index finger is the worst and it will take a bit of time for it to grow even. But, I am now hopeful.

Next, LaShon polished my nails with Barielle’s ‘Fancy Pantsy’…

‘Fancy Pantsy’ is a dusty pink with this awesome golden shimmer in it. It’s just lovely. In regular viewing of my nails, they look fine. But I am disappointed in how this polish applied on my nails…

It isn’t terrible but it just seems prettier in the bottle. LaShon agreed with me that the polish didn’t want to apply very well. It doesn’t spread out evenly. She had to really work with it so it wouldn’t be patchy. But she got the job done and I’m happy with my nail makeover.

Here’s one last photo taken in the shade…

You can see that the thumb just didn’t come off as smooth as we would have liked. Yet I am so happy I went to LaShon at Flaunt Beauty Bar. She not only gave me hope but I had a wonderful time with her as well. If you live in the Orlando area, I highly recommend her for all of your nail needs.

This is only the second or third Barielle that I have tried. I was supplied this from Barielle to review and even though I don’t dislike the polish, this one was difficult to work with. These are my own, honest opinions.

  • Yayayayayyyyy! I’m so excited that your nails survived rehab!

    • I’m hoping they don’t relapse!!

  • Love it! Love the color too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It’s a cute color.

  • Midnight Manicures

    LaShon did a good job! Keep some cuticle oil beside your bed and apply it nightly. It’s the only way I can remember sometimes.

    • I have a bottle in my car, one at my desk, one at my table by my TV chair, one on the dining room table and two on my nightstand. Oh, and I have cuticle cream at my desk and one on my nightstand. LOL!

  • what in the world did you do to your nails!?!
    they looked horrible

    • I know! The cuticles get abused.