Replace or Reject: The March Edition, Part 2

This is part 2 of the monthly Replace or Reject segment. If you missed part 1, click here.

The two-tone green is Maybelline’s Eye Studio. The two below that are cream eyeshadows that I do not recall what brand…

empty 7


The Eye Studio is a two-tone powder green shadow called Ivy Icon. I didn’t find the colors to be saturated enough for my taste. And, I just didn’t reach for it. I wouldn’t replace it…

empty 8

The two cream shadows were crease city. Even if I could remember where I got these, I wouldn’t replace them or recommend them…

empty 0


Two Milani Color Play eyeliners that are colors I don’t use…


empties 10 empties 11


I tried them out and love the precision points on these liners. It’s just the colors are not for me.

I already made mention in part 1 that I’m over Chapstick balms. I haven’t even opened the Pumpkin Pie one…

empties 9


This is an assortment of 2 empties and one reject. First, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner. I love this! This is the toner I use after using the facial wipes I review. I don’t use it every time but, during the first week of the 3 or more I test a wipe, I use the toner to see how much residue is left behind.  Kiehl’s is always a replace. This is my 2nd bottle since discovering Kiehl’s and I have already replaced this one.


empty 1


My beloved eyebrow pencil!! How I loved this as it was the perfect color for me…

empty 2

Definitely, well used and, used up. I can’t get the pencil into the sharpener any more. I am not even certain of the brand. I know it did come from the Dollar Tree and I picked it up on a whim. The tweezers were OK but, I have a favorite pair I prefer better. The pencil was the perfect blend of color and wax to fix and tame my brows. I’m sorry to let it go. It would be replaced without hesitation if I could find another.

This NYX lippie wasn’t a color I reach for. It’s pretty but I like my lipstick colors bolder. Also, the staying power was weak on this shade…


empty 3


I also found this Prestige lipstick that I don’t use. I actually did a review on it a very long time ago! This one had better staying power, it’s just not a color I love…

empties 7 empties 12


So, there you have it. There are a few empties and lot of rejects. It feels really good to clear out things I don’t use. In fact, I finished up several paperback books and recycled them to the library at the retirement home where my Mother lives. I love books way too much to throw them away!

How have you been doing with clearing out your unused makeup?

  • Aleya Bamdad

    I have to get going on replacing some of my products too. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m being brutal doing it. I have so many other products I love, there’s no point in the losers taking up space.

  • Great post. I just replaced my neutrogena cleanser and wipes. My husband LOVES Kiehl’s products. I just can’t get into them.

    • My husband loves Kiehl’s too.

  • I actually gave away 80% of my MAC collection to my friend Corinne. She got all my lipsticks, glosses, and most of the eyeshadows. I purged a bunch of makeup last week.

    • I bet that made Corinne happy. Like a Makeup Christmas!

  • Cindy Ingalls

    Another reminder to purge your stash on a regular basis. 🙂

    • You bet, Cindy. I have hit the tipping point where I need to destash. I have slowed down on my purchases but, when I look at how much I already have, I’m running out of room!

  • Great post! I need to do a purge soon and dump a bunch of lippies that just won’t stay on. Ugh – creasing eyeshadows!

    • Those cream shadows had to have been cheapies since there was not branding on them. I took a gamble and this was a time I got what I paid for. I bought some new lipsticks recently so it was easy to let some go.

  • Elusive, indeed! lol I recently purged some stuff, too. Feels good to lighten up.

    • I make sure my husband knows that I do, actually, get rid of makeup!!

  • Uhmmm… I totally need the Pumpkin Pie chapstick!

    • I should send it to you. I no longer care for Chapstick before they are too hard.

  • Lots of rejects this time around! At least you know now 🙂

    • I just can’t see holding on to something that doesn’t serve me and I won’t use anymore. 🙂

  • I need to do some Spring cleaning in my makeup drawers as well. Great post!

    • I hope I can inspire! Out with the old; in with the NEW!!

  • marciaf

    I used to bring books to my mom’s senior living building. I probably should still go drop some off but right now I’m still too sad to go there.
    I love these posts from you. I’m terrible at tossing so I should copy your idea and post about it and then maybe I actually would toss for a change.

    • I take lots of magazines to Mom because she reads those and not books. Then she shares the magazines.

      It’s understandable that it would be sad for you to go there.

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I threw a lot before the year started, it’s very therapeutic to go through your stash and purge!

    • It can be hard for me to let material things go. I had this one winter coat that part of me wanted to donate and another that had a really hard time letting go. I still mourn for it!!

      I make a pile of makeup that I haven’t used in a long time and if I don’t reach for any of it by the next month, I let it go. Somehow that makes it easier for me.

  • I need to do this. I have lots of makeup I just don’t reach for. Sometimes, they’re not bad, they’re just not for me at the moment.

    • Getting other, new products can push others to the back of the line. I do like re-discovering some of those items. 🙂

  • Even if you’re over chapstick, the velvet cupcake ones sounds good! hahaha

    • It does smell good, actually.

  • Its so refreshing to go in and throw out old products!

    • Once they are out of my house, it is a good feeling. However, I actually feel more redeemed by having empties. Then I don’t feel wasteful.

  • You rejected a lot for March! LOL I totally need to go through and do this, tho!

    • Brooke, I bet you a great stash!!

  • I love Kiehls 🙂 You have a lot of rejects this month love. lol It’s great when you finally get rid of them. I am not a chapstick fan… it dries my lips out though many say the same about my beloved EOS. lol

    • I haven’t tried EOS yet. I have fallen in love with SoftLips and keep buying that. When I look at some of my makeup and I realize that I haven’t touched it since I moved, which was 2 years ago this past January, I let the sensible side of me win rather than my emotional side. If that makes sense. Especially when it is items that I didn’t connect with to begin with.