Replace or Reject: The Very Late April Edition

Quick, before folks from the Hoarders Show come to my house, I want to get rid of these products. Never mind the stuff I have bought since and have taken these products’ place.

Moving along…This is a Flower Beauty shadow I got from Walmart, where it is an exclusive. I got one to try out but, I found all the shade selections to be very pretty. Here, is Orchid-ing Around…

empties 3 empties 5

While it is a very pretty color, this type of shadow creases like nobody’s business on me. If you have ever tried L’Oreal’s Infallible shadows, this is just like it. Maybe a bit creamier. I tried an Infallible shadow and promptly returned it. I remember it distinctly because it was the very first time I had ever returned a beauty product.

empties 4

Along with the Flower shadow, I found another Chapstick that has to go. There are way too many other softer (SoftLips) balms out there. And, here’s a Replace: Reviva Labs 5% Glycolic Acid Cream. I did a review on this product here. It is all that, seriously. I can’t wait to replace it.

empties 1

You can see how serious I am about Reviva Labs Cream. I took a Q-tip to swab out every last bit of this awesome cream…

empties 2

Along with the Glycolic Acid Cream, I also used Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Not only did I fall in love with this one, but my husband got on the band wagon with me. When it was gone, he asked me where can we get some more of this. I will be getting a replacement of this one too…

replace may 1

You know, I sure in the heck have a lot of ChapStick brand of balms to get rid of in my house. Seriously. I thought I’d like Cake Batter but I did not. I thought it smelled weird.

The Argan Oil Styling Cream is a replace because this stuff made my hair feel healthy. And, this IS one product that smelled good. I can’t say that this styling cream helped to style my hair but it make my curls less frizzy without weighing down my locks.


I have a huge makeup artist case that I have fun going through once in a while. Actually, I have been going through it looking for things to remove to make room for newer, more loved products. The EyeStudio in Ivy Icon, by Maybelline, is a reject. I thought it was pretty at the time I bought it. But, the color fell flat when applied. I didn’t bother to try and make it work though. It just wasn’t pretty when I put it on.

empty 7

The two shadows below the EyeStudio shadow are from Jesse’s Girl…

empty 0

Cream shadows and I do not get along most of the time. Sadly, that is what happened with these two. Crease City. I have tons of eye primers. I like to have an assortment of them. In fact, the makeup company I own has a great eye shadow primer. But, these cream shadows just don’t work for me.

I feel relieved, even freer, to blog about these April Rejects/Replacements. I could tell you that May’s edition is forthcoming. But, I worry that the moving crew from Hoarders may beat me to it.

Have you had more rejects than replacements lately?

  • I have a few products that I actually finished up this month all the way hehe. You reminded me that I have some Reviva labs goodies I need to try out. Great post thanks for sharing all your reviews on the products. I won’t send Hoarders to your house if you don’t send them to mine 🙂

    • No Hoarders, promise. 🙂 You have to break out the Reviva Labs products. I bounce on mine when I get them.

  • Cindy Ingalls

    I haven’t had too many rejects lately. There is a moisturizer that I am thinking about replacing, but I have a stash of other ones to use first.

    • I think you’ve been doing lots and lots of skin care reviews lately. So, you may not have had the opportunity to get any replacing done. 🙂

  • Mai

    Honestly I can’t even think about the last time I finished a product up to consider rejecting or replacing it :X

    • Mai, I was like that too. That’s why I decided to do these editions because it forces me to make a choice on whether to keep something and, to use up products I already have. I bet you, as a beauty blogger, know exactly what it’s like to have lots and lots of products that get shoved to the back of the drawer. 🙂

  • I love Reviva Labs, too. I’m using their cleansing milk right now, and it is so gentle! They make great stuff.

    • You bet they make great stuff. I haven’t tried a thing that I did not fall in love with.

  • I did a huge makeup cleanout when we moved at the end of last month, and just did another huge one and have like actual full bags full of makeup that I’m giving away to my friends. It feels SO good to have such an organized stash!

    • When I left Florida, I had my own products that I destashed. Then, I was in charge of a huge box of products that didn’t get picked at own of our blogger meetings. I took two full boxes of polish and makeup to a women’s homeless shelter. It was very satisfying in many ways.

  • I recently purged some stuff and I may go through and shit can some more, pretty soon. lol I LOVE the Loreal Infallible shadows. They wear like iron on me. Never fade or crease. Reviva is always a winner-winner. I have yet to meet a Reviva product I don’t like. One n Only argan hair products smell SOOOO good! I’ve blown through a couple of bottles of their Moroccan Oil knockoff.

    • I was so disappointed in the Infallibles. However, I gave up using L’Oreal products since they are not cruelty-free. It’s hard though because I loved their hair care stuff. Reviva wins all the time.

  • marciaf

    I love reading about April so close to 4th of July. The Reviva is so a winner. Definitely worth rebuying. I tossed three foundations today and didn’t save them for a post. I knew I’d never use them and I needed to make room for what I do use.

  • ARGH I wish my Walmart carried Flower Beauty!! I can’t find it anywhere!!

    • I have only found a couple of items in that line that I like. One is a duo blush and lip stick. Another is just a regular lipstick. I’m so surprised that your Walmart doesn’t carry that line. Boo.

  • polarbelle

    The cream Flower shadow looks just like Black Orchid from Maybelline. The Jessie’s Girl compacts – lol, totes adorbs!!

    • I got the Jesse’s Girl compacts totally on the packaging alone. I rarely get creme shadows because I have such oily lids. Do you know I never found Black Orchid. I’m hoping I stumble upon it. Especially now that you tell me what color it looks like.

      • polarbelle

        You probably didn’t get it cuz I have four. Do you want me to send you one? Or will you be in Vegas next month?

        • I don’t think I am going to Vegas. I saving up for Paris. Let me doubt check that I don’t have Black Orchid and let you know.

  • My Walmart here in WA has #ALLTHEFLOWERBEAUTY products. I have no idea what to try first.

    • My first item was a duo lip/cheek stick. I did like it. Then I got a lipstick. I like it too.

  • Yikes, I hate it when cream shadows start creasing on my eyes 🙁

    • It happens to me 90% of the time. The only ones I found that don’t are Maybelline’s Tattoos, Smashbox Smudge Pots and another one that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

  • I haaaaated those flower beauty eye products! They creased on my eyes so bad

    • Ahhh, so I’m not the only one. I feel relieved when I find out someone else had the same issue. I don’t want to be a makeup freak, you know?

  • Justina

    I never tried the eye stuff from Flower. But I’ve always wanted to try!

    • I have tread lightly picking Flower products. I don’t know why. Maybe because I fear a new addiction. LOL

  • I want to try more products from Flower, I have only tried their lipstick (one of them) but my Walmart doesnt’ carry the brand. I know not to add that cream shadow on my list. I love the Reviva labs Hyaluronic Acid… it is awesome.

    • I love me some Reviva Labs, no doubt. But, I have to say the Hyaluronic Acid serum is my very favorite.

  • The Infallible shadows creased on you? The Flower Beauty ones are creams so they crease more on people but the Infallibles are pressed pigments.

    • Maybe they don’t make them anymore? They came with a tamper just like this Flower one did. They had a hybrid cream/powder feel to it. I know they have the pressed shadows too. This was another product and, I believe, they sit right above the pressed shadows at my Walgreens. Both are called Infallible, though.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I had no issues with Infallible shadows, but Flower Beauty creased on me like crazy!

    • I worked and worked with it because I really liked that shade too.

  • Reviva is the BEST. That’s a shame about the flower creasing. I usually hear only positives on the brand!

    • I’m with you on Reviva. Never a miss on that. I hadn’t heard anything about the Flower shadow before and that’s why I easily went for it. I think lots of beauty enthusiasts do good with creme shadows but I have really oily lids and frankly, if I don’t use a really good primer, I get creases. I’ve had primers even crease on me.