Revealing the 50 Followers Giveaway

After alluding to a giveaway, I wanted to give you the specs on mine.  Libby’s Pink Vanity is closing in on having 50 followers.  It’s quite an honor to know that there are folks out there that want to share their passion of nails and makeup and all that girly stuff with me.  This is so much fun to enter into a community that is sharing and fun and very supportive.  So, with all that in mind, I share with you the celebration of 50 Followers Giveaway!!

I’ve decide that each giveaway that I do (yes! there will be MORE!) will have a theme.  That makes it a bit more interesting to collect items for a giveaway.  And, since Libby and myself love PINK, that is the theme for this drawing. 
I find it a joy to shop at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  And I picked up these 3 cuties today.  The little makeup bag will hold smaller makeup items, makeup brushes, liners, gloss, etc.  This one is by allegro.  And then there is the Rimmel lip line.  This is from the Exaggerate line and, the color is EastEnd Snob.  The nail polish had to be the cutest pink I could find.  Color Club had a display and this oh, so pink polish was a part of it.  This one is called She’s So Glam.
But wait….there’s more!!!

There’s Indulgent Vanilla Sugar body wash and lotion by Body Image. There’s Avon’s Magix cashmere finish liquid foundation in Nude.  A little mini pink polish, with no name, from Forever 21.  Milani’s polish.  Milani’s 3D Holographic Hi-Res polish.  A Forever 21 love & beauty polish named Olive.  A little pot of natural, homemade tea tree lip balm (I didn’t make it myself, purchased from maker at a craft fair)…notice the pink container.  There’s an Ulta blush called  Adore.  An Avon My Lip Miracle lipstick named Totally Twig.  And another Avon product, this time mascara.  It’s Extreme Volume in Brown/Black.
But it seems I left out a description of one item.  Hmmm…can you see it in the group picture?  Well, let me have Libby present it to you:

She’s such a good sport. Yet, oh so prissy. 😀  Now, on to the rules. 
1) Be a follower and not just to win the stash.  Leave me a comment on this post with your name and contact email address.  (1 entry)
2) Post the giveaway on your blog and make sure I’m on your blogroll.  Post here with the site address.  (worth another entry)
3) Giveaway is open to anyone in North America and you will need to contact me within 3 days when I email you about winning.  (Please share with me, fellow bloggers, how you are able to ship liquid cosmetics out of the country.  I’m told that they are considered hazardous chemicals and not allowed on planes.  The shipping store said that the items would be confiscated.  Help!)  Hopefully, I’ll learn how to get around this for future giveaways.
4) The giveaway drawing will end on Monday, May 31, at 11:00 PM EST. Once the entries are verified, I will contact the winner.

All the items I have shown are brand new.  I may add some other surprises in before the package ships out, just because free surprises are so much FUN!

Thanks, again, for joining me.