Revlon’s Bubblegum Days Urban Nights Might Be Hidden In Plain Sight; Know Where To Look

During the Holiday season, you have to keep in mind the rule of ‘Look Up!‘ That’s what I did yesterday at Walgreens and found the new display for Revlon’s Bubblegum Days Urban Nights collection…New Revlons 001 New Revlons 005That’s ‘Girly’ and ‘Heavenly’. I picked them right off the top shelf, thankyouverymuch. Seems silly to find full, new displays staged for placement on the floor when there are several displays that don’t have a lot of product left. Merchandising law says that’s a No No! And there’s your inside secret to finding new products.

I will have swatches coming, I promise. These are just too cute to tuck back into the Vanity Vault!