Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art: Topaz Twinkle

How have Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art shadows come in under the radar? I went to Rite Aid to pick up the Snowman polishes (only to find out that they are the same colors they had last year!) and found a display with these new products…


I don’t know how I missed reading anywhere about the PhotoReady Eye Art shadows because I would have been on a hunt PRONTO for them! I exercised EXTREME restraint and only purchased one. This is Topaz Twinkle …



And since there were approximately 10 different colors, I picked Topaz Twinkle because there was only one left of that shade. Now, you might, rightfully, ask yourself, if this one is THAT pretty, I wonder if other colors like blue, green, black, and others are as pretty…

DSCF0003 DSCF0004

I will save you the wondering. They are. I’m waiting for a sale! This was almost $10 at Rite Aid and, I see them for $8.98 at Walgreens.

One end, has the metallic-like shadow and the wand applicator is bendy, and you know, I liked how easy and gentle that made the application. The other end that has the glitter, it’s a pointed brush that allows for plenty of product pick-up…

DSCF0013 DSCF0015

In the meantime, here are swatches of Topaz Twinkle to lust over…

DSCF0006 DSCF0005 DSCF0010


I wore my PhotoReady Eye Art shadow with and without eye primer. It was actually good both ways. I got a little bit more mileage with a primer so, that’s how I’m going to continue to roll with this product. I also used the glitter part as an eyeliner, over a couple of Urban Decay pencil eyeliners, over Beauty From The Earth mineral shadows applied foiled as eyeliners and, I used it all over the Topaz cream shadow. I loved it all! An interesting side note: when I apply the glitter, it has a very cooling sensation. I am thinking it may have some sort of alcohol component that allows for it to dry quickly and add to cohesion that creates that cool temperature feeling.

Photos fail, extremely, to show the metallic look of the cream shadow and, the very sparkly goodness of the glitter. This is one product I can’t wait for Santa to arrive to put it in my stocking. I’m going in for early self-gifting!

Have you spied Revlon’s PhotoReady Eye Art shadows? Which one(s) did you get?

  • I’ve never seen these before. I’m not sure if I’d wear the glitter one.

  • erikatheicyone

    Hmmm… I must check these out.

    • I bet you find at least one you like. 🙂

  • TinaBowling

    I will definitely be picking this up for my BFF, she will love it!

  • I love the concept. It’s a pretty duo

    • I like wearing glitter eye makeup so this suit me really well.

  • I don’t think I would wear the glitter one, but the other shade is very pretty

    • But, you could do it for a holiday party!

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I don’t like the look of the glitter segment, but the Topaz shadow is beautiful!

    • The Topaz is much more metallic than the photos allowed. It’s a very interesting taupe. I like it.

  • It’s such a gorgeous duo and totally up my alley.

    • All things being equal, I probably wouldn’t have picked this shade. But, since I was just getting one AND that was the only Topaz left, I had a scheme. If I liked it and wanted to come back for more, I would stand a better chance of the other shades still being there. LOL! Weird reasoning but it did take me out of the box in color choices.

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    It looks like a pretty duo!

    • I like the neutral shade because it can go with anything I’m wearing that day.

  • Oohhhhh that looks like a great shade. Its like a shimmery neutral. My kind of shade for sure. How does the glitter hold?

    • I found that it stuck on really good. It’s sort of ‘juicy’ so when it dried, it was on tight. 🙂

  • TOOO FUNNY! I just bought this exact one the other day.

  • cindyprimebeauty

    You had me at Topaz.

    • As soon as I got home and opened it, I was very happy with the Topaz shade.

  • I’m just not sure I’d like this product. I have seen other reviews and people said the glitter didn’t go on evenly

    • That’s true. It’s spotty if you stroke with the brush. What I did was dab and that made it easier. It does take some work.

  • Hmm… I’m not sure this would be a product I’d enjoy but the topaz shade is really pretty.

    • I can see you rockin’ that Topaz shade, yes!!!

  • I’ve had bad experiences with Revlon eyeshadow in the past and I’m highly traumatized. LOL

  • I haven’t seen these before! Glitter all the things!

    • Especially this time of year. No one says ‘whadda think it is, Christmas?’ ;P

  • I can see the glitter…it looks gorgeous!

  • I can’t wait to try one of these!!!