Rite Aid Rhinestone Christmas Polishes

Don’t be afraid to use your Christmas/Winter Holiday nail polishes for real ornaments. They can be that cute! It’s a tie between the girly bottles and the actual polish which is more festive…

DSCF0043DSCF0051Gosh, if the brand is called ‘Ornaments’, I think anyone would be remiss if they called you on it!

I didn’t go into Rite Aid to look for new polish. But, can I make myself feel a bit better by saying I did limit myself to just three! These have no names…

DSCF0047but you’ll leave an impression with your festive nails if you decorate yourself with any of these three. There are two coats..

DSCF0041This one is a collection of all the glitter that falls off in the wake of a fast-moving elf…

DSCF0046I will move this one over to the Mardi Gras possibles if I don’t get to it this Christmas…

DSCF0048This pink glitter doesn’t have to hide out just for the Winter Holidays either. Two photos in different lighting but, still the same polish..

DSCF0050 DSCF0049I have more Christmas/Winter polishes than I can possibly wear during one season. That’s the truth! Next year, I am going to have a Christmas party at my house with a ‘Come Paint Your Nails For Your Holidays’ theme. I’ll provide food, drinks and polish!

It’s just too frightful for me to even think about counting how many Christmas Holiday polishes I have! What would you guess? I’m going to say about 125. Gulp! How about you?

  • These are sooo perfect for the holidays! Lovely!

    • I’m such a sucker for Winter Holiday nails!

  • MyNewestAddiction

    All 3 of those look awesome! Especially the pink glitter!!! I could use that right now!

    • Can you treat yourself to that pink one? It is one you could really wear year-round.

  • Love the green and red one ! So Christmassy !