Rue 21: Just A Bit Of Retail Left Over From Orlando To Colorado

There is an outlet mall in the town I live in. It is quite nice but doesn’t really hold a candle to the malls I was used to in Orlando. I still get a hook-up with Adidas, Bath & Body Works, Coach and Claire’s here, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a Rue 21 store as well. I had to stop in. Well, not really had to. I had a 25% off everything coupon! Nail polish is the only thing I landed on…

polishes green eye 080 polishes green eye 073polishes green eye 079These Rue 21 polishes love the sunlight!

polishes green eye 082polishes green eye 078 polishes green eye 077polishes green eye 085With no names, it’s difficult to tell you which one is which. So, there are two top coats that have iridescent bar glitter. One is a transparent milky white, the other is transparent milky pink. Then I got a pink shimmery polish to coordinate with the pink bar glitter. The orange shimmery glitter rocks with the white bar glitter. Easy….right???

polishes green eye 090This makes it a littler easier to follow. Starting from the bottom, I have the pink glitter alone, followed by the pink shimmer. Then, I used the pink bar glitter over the pink shimmer. Above that, I just repeated the same sequence with the orange.

polishes green eye 099 polishes green eye 092polishes green eye 089 polishes green eye 103The shimmer polishes have a semi-matte look and I find that to be very chic. The bar glitter over it makes it whimsical and fun. The bar glitter over the pink shimmer looks gloppy and that is due to my application; not the polish. I used three coats and only very close up can you see the brush stroke lines.

And, when I was ready to wrap up my sale, the sales person asked me if I would like a bottle of their newest perfume called ‘Fallen Vixen’ for just $6. After a whiff, I said add it to the basket!

polishes green eye 106If you like ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf’ you might like this fragrance. Since it is a cheapy perfume, I have to spritz often to keep the fragrance around. Are you like me and love the ritual of applying perfume? Then, you won’t mind needed to spritz often to keep the fragrance going.

How do you feel about the trend of semi-matte polishes? Are you a pushover for those little add-on sales?