Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat Collection

Just like the crackle craze where every polish brand was jumping on board, we are seeing the same thing with textured polish. Some of them I am really loving. Sadly, Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat is not in that camp…

Mega swatch day 332 Mega swatch day 334I am not a patient person. I will rush a polish to dry and it never dries fast enough for me, no matter what. Even if I manage to sit still I start getting itchy or, I have to use the bathroom. I know I’m not alone here!

My point is, that when I rush a polish to dry, I can end up making it look like this…

nail swatches 003Two coats and it isn’t appealing to me at all. It looks like I put the coats on too close together and got bubbles. It doesn’t look like a textured polish that is supposed to be ‘on purpose’. Nevertheless, here it is and I can’t give it my recommendation…

Mega swatch day 335I am happy that I only picked up three and I got them with a $1 coupon at Walgreens.

I need to know, do you like this collection?

  • mhhb

    Weird, I had a totally different experience with the nail polish. I love them!

    • Not too weird. From the photos I have seen on other blogs, these polishes seemed to look the same for me. I know some will love it, such as yourself. However, these didn’t float my boat. πŸ˜‰

      • mhhb

        I guess I was thinking of the consistency and how it looks on the nail. Mine was thick and opaque easily within one coat. More polish for me then πŸ˜‰ If you like duochromes, I can leave them all to you! Haha.

  • beautybymissl

    I like the shades, but not really loving the result :S

  • I’m with you. It’s a very disappointing formula.