Sample Sunday: CVS Nuance Body Cream

Sample Sunday is a body cream from Nuance. Nuance is a CVS exclusive beauty and body care line. The person behind the company is actress, Salma Hayek. This is ‘My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream’…

I got my first sample of this body cream when the products were first introduced over a year ago. And, I recently got another sample from CVS, who helped sponsor the last Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet up.

The body lotion is creamy. And it smells good. I really like it. And with the sample is a $2 off coupon. That’s always enticing.

 Check out the ingredients and you’ll see, right away, just why Nuance is creamy and good for the skin…

Shea Butter, my favorite skin softener. And then Macadamia Seed Oil, that makes it smell good, as well as soften. And it has a host of other known skin softeners. But, does it work?

There was enough product for me to get two uses. I put it on, once at bedtime and then again in the morning, after my shower. Skin softness, affirmative. And, did I mention I really liked the smell of this?

I have this coupon tucked away in my day runner for an upgrade. I like Nuance for that Salma has made it: a natural, healthy, non-animal tested and affordable luxury product. There are a lot of other products to the Nuance line as well. You can either go to CVS and find it or, if there is no CVS near you, you can click here and see the entire line, as well as place an order.

Let me know if you have tried any products from this line and what you thought.