Sample Sunday: Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil

A favorite glam magazine of mine is Allure. I don’t feel too disheartened by a lot of ‘youngster’ stuff. I don’t want to feel like I’m reading my daughter’s magazine. (If I had a daughter.)

The last two issues I have received have been rich with samples. They are small but I get a bit of glee discovering them. Perfume samples are fun but little smears of a skin care or hair care samples are more interesting. I like expanding my horizons with new products.

Here’s one of the latest I got from Dove…

Dove is one of the body lotions that I like and their shower creams are so good for my dry-ish skin. Oh, and I use their deodorant too. Not only do these products work for me, but I also love the fragrance. I’ve tried their hair care line as well and it was OK.

This is the sample inside…

Well, first I smelled it. Hey, you would too, especially if you are going to put it on your hair! And I was surprised that this hardly had any fragrance at all. That seems odd coming from a brand that is known for its fragrance of in products.

However, this sample only contained the equivalent of 2 drops…

One of which was absorbed on the back of my hand. Grrr. That didn’t leave me enough to give a good saturation of a clump of hair. But I tried. I have wiry, brittle hair, right above my temples. It’s genetic hair-thinning. Crap! But, I give it a try, albeit on one side, to see how Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil works. Sadly, it truly wasn’t enough for me to give a try.

Here’s what the advertisement says…

Key points that turn me on: Argan Oil. That stuff is Da Bomb! But better yet, my hallmark of hair care oils; Macadamia Oil. (I’ll save that for another post.)

Here’s what I discovered about Dove’s Hair Therapy…it has a very light fragrance that is so light, it is barely there. It was a fresh smell and not something that would ever over-power the nose. It didn’t feel as slippery as other hair oils I have experienced. This could be a very good thing for someone that has thin or, fine hair as this probably wouldn’t weigh it down. And lastly, I have seen this product on the shelves along with the other Dove hair care products.

This is what the Vanity is giving has its verdict: Perfect for the two benefits listed above: light-weight and no overwhelming fragrance. I only remember that the price didn’t make me gasp but, as to what it was exactly, I don’t remember. If you like these benefits, I think it is a great hair oil to try. As for me, Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil didn’t dethrone any of the current hair oil treatments I currently use.

Does Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil sound like something you’d try?