Sephora’s Advanced Airbrush Brush Collection

I was given a bottle of Urban Decay’s Naked foundation not too long ago. I haven’t used liquid in 15 years. However, I was open to trying it. So, my next step was to find a foundation brush. I shopped around and finally landed on a set of brushes from Sephora…

The Sephora lady said that they had worked over 2 years to create the Advanced Airbrush brushes. The only thing I have felt softer than these brushes is Libby’s tail…

I was just going to get the foundation brush at $32. However, when I found this complete collection for $65, that was a deal! Purchasing the brushes, individually, would cost $170. And after using the foundation brush, I would have had to purchase the rest of them anyway. I love how these apply my makeup!

This is what came in the collection…

The powder brush.

The foundation brush (My new BFF).

The concealer brush.

The shadow brush.

And, the crease brush.

Airbrush, indeed. If I had to, I could throw away almost all of my other brushes (at least 80 or so) and keep these. But, I don’t have to so I won’t. But, I will play favorites!

The carrying case is slim and well-made. These synthetic bristle brushes are very good quality. Using them does make a difference and brand name and cost equals a professional grade brush.

I’m going to recommend that the next time you visit a Sephora store, check these out. Tell me if they are not just the softest brushes you have ever felt. If you don’t have a Sephora store near you, and, you need a new brush or two, I totally recommend these. They are not called airbrush brushes for no reason. They do apply my makeup like nothing else.It makes application a breeze.

Not only are these approved by The Vanity, Sephora’s Advanced Airbrush Set is front and center.