Shany Cosmetics: Miles and Miles of Palettes

A very, very favorite beauty passion of mine is palettes. Mostly eye shadow palettes. I remember getting my first one when I was a junior in high school. I actually sat outside on our front porch and gazed at it for hours. It was my first real makeup, not counting lip smackers.I had a root beer flavored one!

I haven’t lost that fondness yet..

This was at the Shany Cosmetics booth at the Cosmoprof I went to last month in Las Vegas. I should have stood by this and had my photo taken. It was huge. You can see the small makeup cases on the shelves and the large makeup suitcase next to it for scale.

Shany had so many palettes on display that I had to be dragged away from their booth. These are just a few that I snapped…

If I throw away some of the palettes I have now, do you think I have room for these? Silly rabbit!!

Do you think you love palettes as much as me?