Showcasing Nail Art From My Fitness Buddies

I am a fitness enthusiast.  I workout with fitness DVDs and have a vast collection.  Don’t think of the walking in place workouts or the Jane Fonda workouts of old.  Check these out…
Cathe Friedrich Gantlet Workout
Kelly Coffey-Myers Boot Camp
Amy Bento Kickbox Extreme

I belong to several forums and blogs about DVD fitness.  On one of them, I have been friends with many of them for 5 years and longer.  On  this forum, we are quite close and we share it all, not just working out.  I shared my wish to start a nail blog and has lots of support and ‘you can do it’ guidance from my friends.

A few of them have fantastic nails and wanted to share them with me.  I begged for permission to showcase these as they are simply gorgeous.

Thea does her own nails and ,yes she did this herself!…

Doesn’t that just blow you away?

Next is one shared by my bestie, and we have known each other for over 8 years.  If you think you cannot have a close relationship over the Internet, you can’t be more wrong.  We have been through many tragedies and accomplishments together.   Being there, no matter what the medium, is what makes true friends.
Here’s what she had done…

That detail of three stripes is marvelous.  She had this done for Valentine’s Day.

It is an honor that they shared these nail arts with me.  I think I should step aside and let them nail blog!  Either way, I’m keeping them as friends, albeit sweaty ones at that!

What other hobbies do you enjoy besides nail polish and makeup stuff?  Do you have groups of friends online for those hobbies as well?