Silk’n FaceFX At Home Anti-Aging Device Plus Special Offer

I have just finished testing out the Silk’n FaceFX device. This is one item I have wondered about and jumped at the opportunity to test it out. Now, I want to tell you what I think.

Silk’n FaceFX is new technology in your hands. This device, when used as directed, will rejuvenate your skin with red LED light and heat. It stimulates deep skin tissue rejuvenation like no other product can.

TMS Cult Nails 188 FaceFX is an at-home device that can improve the texture of skin. It, also, will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade skin discoloration and even reduce the appearance of pores. Sounds grand, doesn’t it! Well, it is…

TMS Cult Nails 191 TMS Cult Nails 190The device can be used on the neck, cheek area, the forehead and under the eyes. I used it in all those places except for the neck. But, I did use it on the back of my hands to reduce the light sun spots I have.

TMS Cult Nails 193Here is how the device works: Synergistically, with a combination of heat and LED light energy, these two elements begin to make changes to the skin’s texture. It’s easy to use. I gently massage the areas I wish to treat for 5 minutes…

TMS Cult Nails 197 This is the top of the device that, when turned on, will heat up and the red LED light will come on. I gently massaged the area around my eye and out to the side where I have fine lines. The device slowly heats up and becomes cozy warm. The red LED light only comes on when the device is in contact with my skin. After treating one side for 5 minutes, I moved over to the other eye area for 5 minutes. Then I would take 5 minutes for my forehead. Last, I would use it for 5 minutes on each side of my nasal folds above my mouth. I did this routine 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

I, also, included the back of my hands. I would do each one for 5 minutes. Since the device didn’t have a long enough charge to do my hands when I had already treated my face, I just did my hands on alternative nights. So, it’s nice that the FaceFX is rechargeable…

TMS Cult Nails 200The on/off swtich also has a ready light to let you know you are charged and ready to go…

TMS Cult Nails 199The FaceFX device is heavy-duty. It has some weight to it so I could tell it wasn’t a cheap product. Yet, it fits comfortably in the hand…

TMS Cult Nails 201As I mentioned, I used this device for 4 weeks. I just finished this week. I used it 3 times a week on my face, after I removed my makeup and washed my face, and also for the back of my hands on alternate days. This was easy to use and I passed the time either reading or watching ‘The Walking Dead’. Kind of ironic, eh?

So, what happened? I definitely see a change of texture in the skin around my eyes. That’s where I have the fine lines. Luckily, I don’t have any deep lines there but, if I continue to use my FaceFX device, I will stay ahead of the game. It has been interesting to see these lines start to fill out and begin to fade. The sun spots on the back of my hands have only slightly lightened. I feel that more treatments will continue to fade the spots as well. In otherwords, I saw results. I also feel I’ll continue to see more results in the upcoming weeks.

Even though the massaging felt quite nice, I did get a little antsy to be finished. I do get bored fast. So, using the device while reading or watching TV made the time go faster. The unit does heat up gradually. I would recommend that you slide the device, staying in contact with your skin when you move over to a new area. The reason is that even though the area you just treated gradually felt the increase of heat, the new area will not be quite as adjusted. By sliding the device slowly to the new area, I wasn’t so surprised by how warm the device was. It isn’t terribly hot, however, it does get warm. I found it pleasant to use.

When I was finished, I wiped the top of the device off with a microfiber cloth and reset it back into its charger. I would then finish with my nightly skin moisturizer. As the weeks went by, I saw those fine eye lines fading. I was even looking in the mirror, squinting hard, to even notice any lines. The texture of my skin around my nasal folds softened slightly. And the sun spots on my hands have begun to lighten. Success!!!

I let the fine folks at Silk’n know that I am really pleased with the FaceFX. I saw the device mentioned in my Allure magazine just a few weeks before I started treatment. So, in conjunction with Silk’n, I have a link for you to not only check out FaceFX, you also can get 25% off and free shipping now through midnight 12/17. Check this link. Use the code: SWEETDEAL.

The cost of Silk’n FaceFX is significantly cheaper than going to the dermatologist’s office for the same treatments. I recommend this to anyone who wants to work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improve the texture of their skin. It did for me.

This product was provided to me for my review. These are my own, honest opinions.