Sinful Colors: Leap Flog

Sinful Colors nail polish is a brand that I stalk. If I find out that a new shade has popped up, I’m on a mission. Luckily, because I live in a large city and, I am all over this city working, I get plenty of chances, almost daily, to stop by different Walgreens to shop.

Here is one of the newest called: Leap Flog…

See, that wasn’t a typo. At least by me! I sure wish I knew the story behind ‘Leap Flog’. What I do know is that it is a gorgeous color. My photos don’t do it justice because it is a darker and dustier shade of turquoise. It has some gray to it, as well.

And, I think this has to be a Fall color…

This is the standard three coats. I used Lumos as the base coat and Lumos High Speed Top Coat. I wore this for 2-1/2 days and it wore super well. It isn’t a watery polish, as Sinful Colors can be. This one builds up opaque in 2 coats, easily.

I’d love to find a pair of pants or jeans this color. It would work so well with other colors I love like black, red, pink, and brown.

Have you tried ‘Leap Flog’? Care to take a guess on what the name is about?