Sinful Colors: Luminary Just In Time For Halloween

This is a persnickety polish!…

This Sinful Colors polish is named ‘Luminary’. And, if you like orange, you’ll like this orange sherbert sparkle. I thought it would be cute for Halloween…

I don’t seem to have the skills to get orange with shimmers to apply well. I restarted this manicure twice before I got it to layer down evenly and not throw patches at me. But, because I like this color so much, I persevered…

The shimmer in ‘Luminary’ goes from magenta to just white. But, it gives this orange some character that a pastel orange lacks.

As I mentioned, I had to really work to get this Sinful Colors polish to do its job for me. It is on the sheer side and it kept getting patchy. So, I have four coats on, with the fourth one being rather thick. Since I did that, I didn’t put on a top coat. If I did, it would have taken way too long to dry.

Do you think this makes a good Halloween color or, should I save it for Easter?

  • Kieran of Lace Escapades

    Love it! I think it’s a bit more Springy than Halloweeny, though. Still a lovely shade. 🙂

    • I thought that after I had already done it. But it would be cute for a young miss at Halloween.