Sinful Colors Moving Beyond Just Nail Polishes

As I was looking for things to buy (scratch that!) review, I spotted an endcap at Walgreens full of Sinful Colors cosmetics. That’s right: makeup!…

This pre-filled endcap had the regular and nail art polishes in it and the new lip glosses. But to see shadow palettes?!!!

And there were several shades of loose glitters too…

Oh, did I mention that at least this one is HOLO!!!!

How about metallic eyeliners…

I came home with only 2 polishes that I haven’t seen before…I think. I got ‘Faceted’ and ‘Ice Dream’. Swatches will be coming up very soon.

Have you seen this display in Walgreens?

  • Mina Slater

    Sinful Colors makes eyeshadow? And eye liner? I had no clue. I haven’t seen this display but I’m going to my local Walgreen’s because I need to see this.

    • Yep. I’m saving for a Christmas vacation so I didn’t buy any. If you do, let me know how they are.

  • I used to love using there polishes but last I heard they were purchased by Revlon who is no longer cruelty-free?

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  • Do you know if the loose glitters are safe for use around the eyes? I bought the silver and gold and used it on my nails, but I’m hesitant to use it on my face. I checked their website, but I found no information either way. Thanks!

    • I do not know, Rachel. It is interesting that they wouldn’t mention that sort of info on their website. When in doubt; do without.