Sinful Colors: Olympia and The Naked Athletes

Sinful Colors recently released a spring collection called Cast Away. This is the pastel green from that collection..

This is called ‘Olympia’. Mount Olympus is the home to the Greek gods and goddesses. If you have read the myths, you might realize that Mount Olympus is sort of like a legendary ‘Big Brother’ reality show. DRAMA!!!

In the present day, Olympia is the founding location for the Olympics. The first games were preformed in the nude. In today’s world, no one could afford the TV commercial airtime for something that popular.

Sooooo….let’s just see how yummy this cucumber shake is…

Cremes looking pretty on me is elusive. Not the shade, but the application. I didn’t have that issue with ‘Olympia’.

I have 3 coats on and I topped it off with Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff extra strength nail protector (something I got from my Mom).

For not being keen on pastels, I really like this light green a lot. Doesn’t this shade make you think of Easter eggs?

Here’s Kayla. She took no time in adjusting to her new home. She’s as content as can be…

I think the big, black spot on her tummy is a target for rubs.