Sneak A Peek at Chic Peek by Ulta

Decadent looks, ‘Chic Peek’…

As their own name brand products, I have found that Ulta does pretty darn good. This is a polish that caught my browsing eye. This is ‘Chic Peek’.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain this complex shade…

For starters, the photos do no justice to this mad shade. It is sparkle-palooza. Here I go at my attempt to describe the colors…

The base color is a muted, brick red color. It is filled over the top with micro-glitter that flashes shades of green, silver and burnt orange. It isn’t as gritty as it may look. I have on 3 coats but no top coat. So the shine you see is its own. However, with that said, I have 3 days of wear on this puppy and I see tip wear.

‘Chic Peek’ is a warm shade that I wouldn’t call a Summer color. I feel it is more for the cooler months. And I’d just love to have a sweater this color to wear with jeans. It just looks that warm.

Since I wore this polish for 3 days, and these photos are ones I pulled up from the Vanity’s Vault, I felt it really was a chic color to wear. It doesn’t demand attention; it earns it.

What colors come to mind when you think of chic?

  • What an interesting color! I have been pretty impressed with the Ulta brand in general, especially their nail polish.

  • Beautiful color! This is my kind of a color!

    I just got the best laugh over your “About Me” that says “I hit the bottle almost every day”! Too funny! Maybe you changed that a while ago and I just noticed!

  • I'm lol'ing because I saw the same thing that The Peach did and literally laughed out loud sitting at my computer.
    What a pretty color! I used to have something similar, long dried up, from Bath and Body Works. I think that's right – it was quite a long time ago, but I absolutely loved the color. I've been a fan of Ulta's brand products for quite a while, I really love their shadows!

  • @Megan Interesting is a perfect description. I got hooked on Ulta's makeup when I got one of their Christmas palettes, which, by the way are usually HUGE!

    @Peach Glad you like it. LOL, I DID just change it about 1-1/2 weeks ago. My hubs thought my former one was too mean.

    @Nicole Thanks, doll. 🙂 I seem to remember B&BW having polish too. I love Ulta's blushes too. But I've noticed that they are not stocking their display much. I wonder if new packaging is in the works.

  • Hi, that nail polish suits your skintone I like it!! 🙂 wish we have ulta in Malaysia!

  • @Diana I wish they had a store there too. I know it would do very well. Thank you. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have this one and your photos do not do it justice! I love it and it looks great on fair skin. I have been wondering if there is a duplicate in another brand, like OPI, but have not found it. I am impressed with the inexpensive ULTA polishes – you can't beat the price when they put them on sale for $2!!! The only thing is that I think the OPI brush is better. BUT I LOVE THIS COLOR! 🙂