Special Highlights From The Makeup Show Orlando

The Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida were invited to a Bloggers Preview Party for The Makeup Show held this past weekend in Orlando. James Vincent, Director of Artistry, for The Makeup Show spoke with us about highlights of the show, up and coming products and companies, and sharing a very nice swag bag for us. But one thing shined through, James is passionate about makeup education, community and people.

However, it’s not all work and no play for these bloggers. After the meeting, we headed to Chili’s to talk more shop…

Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles, Krystal from BFTE Cosmetics (a fellow Kansas girl) and Maria of Cult Nails.

You’d think these two cuties were sisters. However, they are life-long friends. Mina Slater from Fabulous Awesomeness and Marlene of A Big Bit Of Everything.

Since Mina had the prettiest drink…

She was crowned the Chili Princess…

Maria, owner of Cult Nails, had a booth at the show…

Juan, is Maria’s husband, and she works him hard!

Cult Nails had a rotating crew helping out. It’s awesome to have created a blogger group that truly supports each other. (psst…cool side note: Cult Nails will be releasing their last collection for 2012 later this week…I’ll give you more info later.)

AJ Crimson, a makeup artist that is not only super friendly, but also, incredibly talented, gave us demos of his new gloss line…

Cristina from Let Them Have Polish loved her magenta gloss.

Judi from Judixo rocked this red which led to other bloggers in our group to purchase this shade as well.

Maria of Cult Nails show off a burgundy called ‘Tyler’ and this led me to purchase that color as well.

And, a very, very awesome highlight of the show was three bloggers from our group sat on a panel to field questions about blogging makeup and the beauty industry…

To think, I have three great friends that are right up there with other well-known bloggers like Koren from EnKore Makeup and Elessa from PurseBuzz. On the front row: Cristina from Let Them Have Polish, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara and Courtney from Phyrra.net. All of them sharing their passion for makeup.

There were so many photo opps that we couldn’t photo-bomb them all…

Maria shows off her Nail Veil, by Su Lange of Chronicle Stones, while making it look like she is going to put my eye out with her long nails.

So, I took the opportunity to dress up for the Show in all my funkiness…

Yes, even Sebastian was in on the photo bombing.

I have many more moments and photos to share too.

  • You look like a hot sexy mama in that outfit!! (Pst, I’m stealing your cat. I told you that before but seeing your baby in the pic, so kitty-napping! If I recall you said your kitty is a Ragdoll, right?)

    • Thank you! I love my Stevie Nix clothes. 🙂 Both Libby and Sebastian are Ragdolls. Sebastian is her real brother.

  • Fabulous!!! I’m so sorry I couldn’t go. And I could give an arm for those glosses!!! I hope he posts them on his website soon. (I would have looked like such a slob next to you). But definitely next time!!!! I’ll be there.

    • OK, holding you to it! 🙂 I hope he gets those glosses up there soon too. I wish I would have got that red!

  • I loooved the skirt and the boots were a steal for sure! I love the cat photobombing as well! 😀 It was such a great weekend. They have to come back next year for sure.

    • I think James loved us enough to do it again. 🙂 Hubs took that photo and I wasn’t going to let a cat in the photo make me want to have him take another photo. He HATES to take photos of and for me. 🙁