St. Patrick’s Day Eve

What do you do for St. Patrick’s Day Eve?  What I’m doing is getting ready to wrap up this green theme…

 This isn’t a new collection from Icing, as I got it early this winter.  It is part of my ‘getting out of my comfort zone’ project.  I’m not one to gravitate to pastels OR cremes.  So this purchase was a huge step for me.  However, truthfully, they are pretty.

These bottles are not ‘full’ size; they are just a bit bigger than what I’d call miniature.  I am going to show you the minty green shade.  Too bad it doesn’t have a name…

Do you think ‘St. Patrick’s Day Eve’ would be fitting?  I put on 3 coats and it turned out heavenly.  I have on one coat of Seche Clear and one coat of Nailene’s ‘Miracle Maker’ to top it off. 

Can you see that hint of shimmery frost?  That’s what makes this not just another pastel creme.  It gives it some personality.

The photos show it off better as a green creme than in real life.  I almost changed my mind about swatching this thinking it was more blue than green.  And, as you can see, there is already a blue in the set. 

Oh, and I’ll just state, that I love this green creme shade better than I love China Glaze’s ‘For Audrey.’   I’m not giving up on ‘For Audrey,’ however.  I just need to figure out how to create something more to my liking with it.  ‘St. Patrick’s Day Eve’ doesn’t need any help; I like it just as it is.

I’ve mentioned before that I use my home office window as my ‘sunny window’ spot.  For the third spring in a row, a pair of mourning doves are trying to nest right under the eaves by my window.  They will sit here and coo.  I love hearing them…

Drives Sebastian loopy.  I’ll have to capture him watching from the window with his wispy tail.

I have a green button that I’m wearing tomorrow, so I’ll have to snap a photo of it for you to see.  It’s cute and totally me.  lol  And, what have you decided to wear as your St. Patrick’s Day manicure?  Do you wear a piece of green clothing as well?