St. Valentine’s Manicure Marathon – Day 1

I’ve never run a marathon before.  I did do a 5K but that was back in college.  I don’t think I’ve run that much for that long since.  However, this marathon is a St. Valentine’s Day-inspired Manicure Marathon.  Each day for the next 14 days I will post a manicure that makes me think of the holiday of LOVE….

When I was in school, I don’t think my parents wanted me to have any crushes on guys.  So when Valentine’s Day came around…do you know how hard it was to sneak around to get a guy a Valentine’s Day card?  In a tiny town that only had one little drugstore and one small grocery store?  And, heaven forbid I make one!!!  I didn’t want to be any more nerdy than I was.

Luckily, my parents have no say in my relationships as well as my makeup habits.  I must say that my family adore my ‘Internet-elusive’ husband, though.  And my flair for all things of beauty, they’ve come accustomed to.

How about this for falling in love….

Yes, ‘Mrs. Claus’ is from China Glaze’s 2010 Christmas collection.  But hey, if you don’t tell anyone, they’ll think it is a Valentine’s Day polish.  And if you like this one, check your Sally’s.  I am seeing polishes from this holiday collection on clearance.

I’ve been in and out of love, a lot….and with nail polishes too.  lol  However, this one is downright HOT!   Stunning red jelly with voluminous red glitter.  Looooovvve Iitttt! (Say that like Oprah does; it’s a hoot!)

Red is life, love, passion, all seen as characteristics of a living earth.  During this season of a death-like feel to the earth, our ancestors paid homage to this life force in hopes that it would return again in the spring time.  Babies conceived during this time could arrive just in time for the last harvest and something to be thankful for; continuing the bloodline.

I did say it was a Manicure Marathon, didn’t I?  Oh well, my blog, my rules.  lol

All I know is that I love red; red polish, red lipstick, red hair, red clothes, red cars, etc.  You can say all those things are HOT!  And Mrs. Claus is one hot cutie.

Don’t tell me that you’ve never used a Christmas polish for a Valentine’s Day polish!!!  ??