Studio M: De-Luxe-Cious (A Mysterious Brand)

One of the fun things we get to do at our Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meet-ups is swap polish, makeup and skincare items. I get a chance to try out brands I’ve heard about and always wanted to try, as well as some that are totally new to me.

Studio M is one that is new to me…

This shade is named ‘De-Luxe-Cious’. That’s hard to say!

From searching with Google, I didn’t turn up a lot about the Studio M brand. From other blogs, I discovered that it is found at Meijers, which is a grocery store. They are not here in Florida, though. I found only one being sold, currently, on ebay. I was able to find nail blogs that have done reviews on Studio M polishes and, the polishes seem to all be very pretty. I saw a pink one like this blue polish.

What I found out myself…

is that ‘De-Luxe-Cious’ is a stunning polish. The base is a slate blue with iridescent micro-glitter. When I look closely at some of these glitter pieces, I see some that flash from blue to green, some that are gold and some that are magenta to purple. All are spellbinding.

On the nail wheel, the polish has a dusty hue. And, unless it is shown in a strong light, it can just look gritty without any pretty. The polish applied fairly well. When I got to the tip, it did create a bald spot and I wasn’t able to cover it up with another coat. There are three coats applied on the wheel.

‘De-Luxe-Cious’ needs to be viewed from a ‘regular’ distance. Looking at it up close doesn’t show off the beauty of this shade. And, even though I swatched this just on a nail wheel, I will hold onto this polish for a full manicure, rather than putting it back in as a swap. It is a keeper.

The bottle looks like a Cosmetic Arts polish bottle. However, I couldn’t find a connection between Studio M and the creators of Cosmetic Arts, Forsythe Company. What do you know about Studio M? Have you tried any of their polishes?