BFTE Cosmetics: New Baggy Sample Size Added

I’m SO excited to tell you about a new sample size that I just added to my company’s availability. Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics now offers a $1 baggy sample that contains approximately 1/8 teaspoon amount of product. This is for all eye shadows with the exceptions being the Color Of The Month shadow, blushes and foundations.

Let me show you examples of the three size options you have when you order a BFTE Cosmetics mineral eye shadows:

Available BFTE sizes three watermark

The baggy sample, first, is a 1″ square baggy that has approximately 1/8 teaspoon of product inside. The middle jar is our sample jar, which has always been available on the site, called a 3 gram jar. This jar has .3 grams of product in it. The larger jar, on the far right, is the full-size jar. It is called a 5 gram jar and it holds 1 to 3 grams of product before a sifter top it put on. More coming on that.

The baggy sample, as mentioned, has approximately 1/8 teaspoon of product. It all depends on how lightly or, heavily you apply your mineral shadow as to how many applications you can get from a baggy sample. The idea of a baggy sample is definitely a ‘try before you buy full-size’. With a smaller financial investment, you are able to see exactly how the product feels, looks and works with your face before you decide on the larger jar.

The jar sample is the next size up…

Jar Sample raw amount watermark Sample jar level amount watermark

This jar is called a 3 gram jar. I put in at LEAST .3 grams of product in it. Because some minerals are denser than others, not all amounts can look like the same amount. Shadows with lots of glitter can be very fluffy and it will take more of that product to weigh .3 grams. A shadow that has a lot of mica content can be denser, such as a matte shade, and it takes less volume to weigh .3 grams. Again, it all depends on your own applications on how long a sample jar will last you. Sample jars are not sold with a sifter however, you can purchase them separately on the website if you want to add them to your jars.

And, the full-size jar…

Full jar amount watermark

As mentioned, since some shadows are fluffier than others, the weight amount of each shade can vary. From the beginning, BFTE Cosmetics has filled the full-size jar to capacity so you get the most that can be packed into that jar. Do know that settling, naturally occurs, so that’s why I mention that when I hand-pack each jar, it is to the fullest I can make it and thus, the weight of the product will vary from 1 to 3 grams. In the above photo, I have tapped down the shadow (as I do with each of the full-size jars) and this is as full as it can be before putting on the sifter top.

Check out the jar weighing in…

Weight Full Size Jar watermark

I zeroed out the scale (that’s what the TARE button is for) so it doesn’t count the weight of the jar. This jar has 2.12 grams of product in it.

There’s a side-by-side comparison of the sample jar to the full-size jar…

Jar Comparison Side watermark Jar Compare Filled watermark

Here are comparisons of the the amounts of the three sizes…

Variety Shadow Size watermark

I’d like to thank ‘Paris’, the pink shadow I used in the photos, for being my utterly gorgeous model. Since ‘Paris’ can be used not only as a shadow but also mixed to make a lip gloss, added to clear nail polish and even used as a blush, you can see how your mileage can vary on how far any of these amounts will last.

Adding in the addition baggy sample has been a lot of work. There are a LOT of behind the scenes things that have to happen to make something that, from the consumer standpoint seem easy, needs to be in place. I spent 2 solid days changing the sample jar weight, on the site, to reflect the .3 gram weight. I’m still finding ones that didn’t get changed. How frustrating! Now that the baggy sample is available, I will have to go in to each shadow listing and add that to the wording. If I don’t, I still get emails asking what the amount of the sample baggy is. So, please understand that there are going to be those glitches. Trust me, don’t let them be the end of your world!! I am doing my utmost best to make sure you get awesome products, that you get what you ordered and, in a very timely manner.

My goal, with Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics, is to get these awesome products into as many hands as possible. I have been a mineral makeup user for over 11 years and have enjoyed using it immensely. Owned this business has been a huge challenge but at the same time, my heart has soared being able to express myself creatively. The positive feedback I get from wonderful customers far outweighs any of the little bumps that happen in owning my own business. I love mineral makeup and want to share that with anyone that is interested. And those that are not interested, let me convert you!!! 🙂

Also, I am always listening to my customers. If you have a question, you can contact me at info@bftecosmetics.

BFTE Cosmetics’ Back To School Collection

It’s old news however, I am the owner of Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics. I purchased the  6 year old business last April. And to say that I have been busy could be an understatement. I just released my sixth collection this Saturday. This is the Back To School collection

Back To School Collection pile watermarked #2

I asked my niece to collaborate with me on this one. She’s 15 and will be a sophomore this year. She loves using BFTE shadows and I thought it would be cool to give her the opportunity to have a hand in the creation of a collection.

There are four, full-size shadows in this collection and, it is available 8/2 to 8/17/14. These are all brand-new colors and are limited editions. The set is $20.

First, I want you to know that I NEVER, EVER had Detention when I was in school. I was a good student and didn’t get into trouble. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with Detention. This shadow was created knowing that some mineral makeup users love to use it as eyeliner. So, BFTE’s Detention can be foiled for a serious purple eyeliner or, use it to create a smoky eye that just doesn’t play by the rules…

detention raw pile 2 watermarked Detention swatches watermarked

The first swatch is over eye primer, the second is swatched with BFTE’s Mix and Fix sealant.

Where’s Your Hall Pass? is almost the same shade of pink the hall passes were when I was in school. We hardly ever used them because there were only 100 students in the entire high school!!! Nevertheless, this pink invoked a lot of fun memories…

Pass Pile Hall Pass swatches If you have to take a bus to school, that has to have its own set of school time anxieties. I was lucky. I lived only 4 blocks from the school. We didn’t have bussing until we consolidated with a couple of other towns my freshman year. I lucked out. The building that was only 4 blocks away continued to be the same school I went to from Kindergarten until I moved away my Senior year. Missed The Bus is the yellow color without all the hassle…

Missed The Bus raw pile watermarked

Missed The Bus swatches watermarked

The top swatch is dry over eye primer. The bottom is using Fix and Mix fixative.

Waiting On The Bell is a brilliant bronze shadow with bright pink sparkles. Way more interesting than waiting for the bell to ring. Life never went so slow at waiting for the last school bell to ring. This shade is meant to transition right into being an early Fall color…

Waiting For The Bell raw pile watermarked Waiting For The Bell swatches watermarked


Again, the top swatch is dry over eye primer. The bottom, foiled with Fix and Mix sealant.

For my look of the day, I foiled Detention with Fix and Mix sealant for my liner. I used Missed The Bus in the inner corners, Where’s Your Hall Pass? over the lid and blended up to the brow. Then I used Waiting For The Bell in my crease…

Back To School eyes

And my complete look using the Back To School collection: I used BFTE’s Ivory foundation, Aruba blush (soon to be added to the site), Translucent powder, and the shadow Stunning mixed with a lip balm for my lips…

Back To School look Kimberly

Have your tried Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics? I invite you to come take a look at the site.

Kat Von D: Beranice Metallic Lipstick

Kat Von D has had her own line of makeup for a few years now. I have often lusted over them when I saw them at Sephora. I was surprised, not sure why though, that I liked how the makeup looked. Whilst shopping for a gift, I found some Kat Von D lipsticks on sale and took the opportunity to finally try it out for myself. I love this lipstick!!!

Here’s what I got…

DSCF0043 DSCF0044

Maybe I was expecting more of a rock ‘n roll feel to her packaging but, this was intricate and had an Old English feel. Yet not really goth either. Anyway, it was fancy and cool…


I like that you can see the lip shade from the bottom of the tube. However, I didn’t like that I couldn’t read what the color was. The print was miniscule!!….


Thank goodness for macro lenses! This is ‘Beranice’ which is a foiled, metallic poppy red and it’s bold!…


Although ‘Beranice’ has a bit of an orange hue, I found it still wearable for someone who has pink undertones, such as myself…




Let’s talk about how incredibly creamy Kat’s lipsticks are. One word: VERY! But the staying power was super crazy for something so delightfully creamy. And I didn’t have any issues with it ending up on my teeth, which can happen with such creamy lipsticks…

Kat Von D lippie


I liked how ‘Beranice’ worked with the rest of my look I did using Beauty From The Earth cosmetics…

DSCF0060For my face of the day, I am wearing ‘Foam On Top’ eye shadow across my entire lid and water-foiled ‘The Last Drop’ eye shadow as my eyeliner. My foundation is Ivory along with Doll Face blush. I topped it all off with Translucent finishing powder. I used Physician’s Formula Brow Tweez 3 In 1 Pencil in Blonde.

Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s makeup? What do you like best?

Did you know that I purchased Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics last month? I sure did! And, my very own, first collection is available at BFTE’s Coffee Collection v.2, which I used two of the shades for my look here.


BFTE: Beauty From The Earth, Get A Gift With Purchase

Did you make any make-up resolutions? I did and it’s to buy more BFTE makeup. They have a TON of different colors! I love the ones I have and look forward to purchase a ton more. You’ll thank me for turning you on to this awesome indie makeup company.