Toss Or Trash: December 2012

During the Winter Holidays, I burned up as many Bath and Body Works candles as I could. Here are some that are done and I loved them all…

swatches toss notd 130Merry Mistletoe was a very soft fragrance; not bold at all. I found Sparkling Icicles to be the same way. But I enjoyed it. After I had burned these to the end, I set them on the floor by my bookcase. I see how dusty that place is!!

swatches toss notd 135I actually only had one Merry Mistletoe. It got another photo op here. And I loved all of these too. My house had the fragrance of Christmas, if nothing else.

Then, I used up quite a bit of hair products…

swatches toss notd 142Love me some Pantene! I stocked up, big time, when these there 75% at CVS almost 2 years ago. It was worth it. I got the Rock Your Hair hairspray this year at Premiere Orlando. It’s an awesome hairspray without being overly stiff. I have seen this line off and on at Ross Dress For Less. If I find it again, I will repurchase it.

The next two from Macadamia Natural Oil surprised me. I am just sort of OK on the hairspray. It only had a mild hold, it did smell good and my hair didn’t feel dried out from using it. However, it is rather expensive at around $23. And the cleansing conditioner, at almost $40, was a total waste, in my opinion. I didn’t get the soft hair I usually get when I use the leave-in oil treatments by Macadamia Natural Oil. And, this can was a hold down pump to dispense. It didn’t hold a lot of product. I won’t be repurchasing either of these two.

There wasn’t much in the way of makeup…

swatches toss notd 152Nailene’s Miracle Worker was sent to me for review. I loved it! But now, I can’t find anywhere to repurchase it! My nails are naturally thin and this treatment was one of the best I have ever used. The Ardell false eyelashes were just plum used up. These are my favorite stye too. They became too ragged to wear anymore. I’m on the lookout to replace this style. The Avon product is a cream concealer. I ran across this de-stashing my old stuff. I don’t think they make this anymore, as I have had this since the ’90’s. šŸ˜‰ As you can tell, that green concealer hid a lot of red spots/areas on my face. I liked the consistency because it stayed put, period! Since I can’t truly remember how long I’ve had this, I am throwing it out.

The Lush Lip Scrub was good. I got one of those little desposible test spatulas to take out a bit of the product. Then, I took that little scoop of product into the shower and used it there. It was a lot less messy that way. As much as I loved this product, I feel I can find something just as good for half the price. I feel Lush’s prices to be way out of line for what they deliver. I found a lip scrub that has a lip balm in the cap by Victoria’s Secret for half the Lush price. If you don’t worry about money, this Lip Scrub is all that.

Last is Cellnique Renewal Serum. I reviewed this, initially, here. I loved it then and I love it even more now. This was a wonderful product to use. I used it both for my day and night time ritual. This, along with theĀ Reversal Platinum Cream, are a top favorite skincare line for me. If I did not have other skincare products to review, these two are difinitely a set I would use continually. I’m sad to see this used up. And, just this week, I used up the Reversal Platinum Cream. Boo hoo.

Anything here that you have tried and liked?

Toss or Trash: October 2012

There is not much in the way of makeup for October’s Toss or Trash post. I focused quite a bit on burning Bath and Body Works candles. I knew I would be purchasing upcoming Holiday ones…

I loved all of these. And, would, or have, purchased them again.

More Bath and Body Works. I see a theme…

The lotions are minis from last year’s Halloween. And the Spice air freshener, I have no clue how long I have had that one. Those things last forever! I like the Wicked Spice Pumpkin lotion. The other two, I’m neither here nor there with them. And the Spice, is very nice.

The Matrix ‘Silk Wonder’ sampler was OK. It does the job. However, I like my Macadamia Natural Oil better. (I do have a post coming up, very soon, on my beloved Macadamia Oil. I swear!) I got the Sally Hansen’s Foot Scrub from a CVS clearance. I did like it. However, I was a bit trepidatious using an oil on my feet while in the shower. I think I’ll stick more with a conventional scrubs for my feet. As I have stated in previous Toss or Trash posts, I’m very fickle about deodorant brands. This Dove product smells very clean. This was a dual pack so I’m on the second one now.Ā  If I find a great sale price on Dove again, I’ll get it.

I saw Oil-licious in a magazine. It was just one of those gut feelings that I knew I’d like it. And it isn’t very expensive at around $6. This does exactly what it says. Well, it doesn’t tame the wispies I get at my temples, but I love how this makes my locks shine. I’m already on my second can.

This is all I have for makeup this time. The top is a mascara from Jerome Alexander. It was part of a kit I purchased way too long ago. I didn’t keep using the mascara so it dried up. I don’t even remember if I liked it or not.

The mark product is one that creates highlights on the face. The little brush paints on a sheen wherever you want. I did like it and used it all up. When I found this, there was only one application left. I used it primarily on my brow bone too. I would recommend it save for the thin consistency of the product.

I am looking for my holy grail eye shadow primer. Unfortunately, Jesse’s Girl isn’t it. It didn’t seem to last past leaving the house. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Last is Dante brush cleaner. I got this at Cosmoprof this year. I received this to do a review on. I did that here. However, several months later, I found that my makeup brushes were not getting very clean. The powder wasn’t coming off the brushes when I used the product. I experimented with using less, using more, wiping the brush off on something different than my normal micro-fiber towel. Nothing seemed to remove all the makeup. I went back to my ol’ Brush Off brush cleaner. I tested the Brush Off on a couple of my brushes before I used them again. And, there still was some makeup powder left on it that Dante didn’t get off. This happened with several other brushes before I just gathered them all up and gave them all a good shampooing. I am changing my mind regarding recommending Dante. It seems like over time it coated my brushes rather than clean them.

Any of these items familiar to you?

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Toss or Trash for July 2012

Gosh, if I don’t get busy with July’s Toss or Trash, I’m going to have to combine it with August! It’s just one of those posts that gets bumped often.

Let’s just get started…

From the shower, I have Pantene’s Shampoo for Curls. Love my Pantene! This is one of the dozen or so I got when CVS had them on clearance. Must have set me back an entire buck seventy-nine. Pantene has redesigned their packaging and when that happens, sometimes the old ones move to clearance.This is trash because I already have a new bottle in the shower.

Then I have a bath and shower gel from Crabtree and Evelyn. This is Sweet Almond Oil. I have the body lotion that goes with it but, soap goes faster than lotions, for me. I liked this one. I really do. However, it isn’t one I am going to replace because I just didn’t love it.

For the eyes…

I got my initial tube of this from Revlon for a review. This product is ingenious! I love that I can just brush false eyelash glue right onto the falsies and go from there. I was given the tip of using the glue like an eyeliner then putting the false lashes on. That isn’t too bad but, as you can see around the cap, the product gets goopy after some time. I don’t even know how that happens because I am not being sloppy with it, as far as I know. So, when it gets goopy like this, it’s hard to make it work right like an eyeliner. This is trash because it got too ugly and the product was getting way too tacky to work with. I already have a replacement and another in reserve. The Vanity truly loves this product.

From Bath and Body Works…

This is the ‘White Citrus’ fragrance lotion and body scrub. ‘White Citrus’ is one of my top 5 favorite fragrances from B&BW. I have the entire line of this fragrance. And it is a favorite during the summer months. B&BW body scrubs are my favorite of all. Gosh, let’s just say ‘White Citrus’ is my favorite and I’ll move on! (I have the wallflower oil fragrance of this as well, ha!) This is trash.

And more Bath and Body Works…

This is Sage Cucumber from this past Spring’s collection of candles. I have been fervently burning B&BW candles to make way for the just newly released Fall candles. I am ‘fall’ing behind though. Thing is, I just have a lot of B&BW stuff. It is one of my favorite stores and I enjoy their products. Sage Cucumber was a delight to experience. It was a pairing that I found unusual but it works together just beautifully. This candle is like many of the products for this months’ Toss or Trash: I like it a lot but because there are so many other candles coming down the pike, I won’t actively seek out to replace this particular fragrance.

For my pucker…

I have Sally Hansen’s ‘Prep and Perfect Lipcare’. Again, this was part of the CVS beauty clearance and I got three of these. It is a lip primer and I think it works wonders. As the tube gets used up, though, the product gets a bit gummy. But I can spread it out with my finger and it still works fine. The applicator is a soft doe-foot tip.Ā  I like how this primer felt on my lips. It wasn’t sticky and had no flavor or smell. It’s trash but the box is from the newest one that replaces the used up one.

Two more trash items…

If I had to recommend just one makeup remover that suited ALL skin types, Avon’s ‘Moisture Effects’ would be it. There is virtually no fragrance. It is smooth and super effective at removing all types of mascara. After washing my face with this, my skin feels soft and not dried out or tight. It isn’t oily but it is moisturizing. The Vanity does recommend this remover and Avon has it on sale often for around $1 with another purchase.

That is a little, itty, bitty OPI polish. All I remember is that it came in a wedding collection. I was very much into French manicures when I got this. I have had this bottle a long time too. I don’t know the name of this shade or, even if it is still a part of OPI’s collection. But I did like it and have been using it as a nude base coat for glitters and effect top coats of late. I would replace it if I didn’t have other selections. But it is trash and I found it to be a lovely color.

More stuff for the hair…

If you haven’t heard of Moroccanoil, I have to wonder where in the world you’ve been! This oil is what your dry hair is crying for. It longs for its touch. You will love the way it feels and smells too. At night, I take a dime size drop in my palm, rub my hands and then rub my hands through my hair. From the crown all the way to the ends. And once I’ve done that, I will rub my hands over my face. Let me tell you, the smell is divine. If you do not over use this, it can be for any type of hair. My hair is dry and color-treated and Moroccanoil is a treat for my hair. They even make a ‘lite’ version if you find this one too heavy on your hair. Now, I’m not replacing this and here’s why: I am in love with Macadamia Oil. Some time, I’m going to do a review on that product. However, I still recommend this one. It’s a bit pricey and there are plenty of contenders. What the Vanity recommends is getting at least one small bottle of THE Moroccanoil to try out so you can compare it to others you may wish to try.

If you can believe this, I used to HATE hairspray. I felt if I truly did my hair right, I wouldn’t need it. Wow. Even confessing that I’m thinking ‘that’s so lame’. I’m sort of fickle with hairspray now. I have used the Sally’s Beauty Supply’s Ion brands for years. This can of ‘Color Solutions’ spray is great at holding my hair in place. It’s a firm hold but not rock hard. My hair is dry, as I have mentioned, and this spray doesn’t help my hair at all as far as making my hair soft. Now that I’ve used this up, I won’t be replacing it with the same. And the reason is….Macadamia Oil has a very moisturizing hairspray that holds and makes my hair soft. Go figure! So this Ion hairspray is trash.

And more lotions…

I am frantically trying to stay hydrated as I get older. And my hands are especially getting a beating because of the nature of my work. So I have hand lotion all over my house and several in my car. The Silk Elements ‘Shea Butter with Olive Oil’ gets a huge ‘get it’ from the Vanity. I love everything about this hand cream; the smell, the feel, the tube and…the price…$2 at Sally’s!

I can’t shower love on Crabtree & Evelyn’s ‘Naturals Nourishing Body Butter’. I thought since it had Cocoa Butter, Nutmeg and Cardamom it was in for fragrance bliss. OK, so it didn’t totally suck but I wasn’t digging the smell for very long. And, I didn’t feel that the lotion was all that nourishing to my skin. I used it up but I’m calling it a toss.

Lots of lotions this past month. I can’t tell you how many times a day I put lotion on my hands and arms. And I put body lotion after I shower in the morning and then again before bed. It seems like the theme for July’s Toss or Trash was moisturizing products.

Have you tried any of these products? Do any of them interest you?

New Fall Candles Have Arrived At Bath and Body Works

I knew the Fall Bath and Body Works candles were on their way…

Because Kari from Once Bitten Blog tweeted about it. I knew my wallet was going to be empty soon! But, that’s why I hoard my receipt surveys from B&BW; they never expire!!

I had the cutest young guy helping me find all the new fragrances. He was new to working at B&BW and I found him to be a delight. It was a good thing my sniffer was working this day, he introduced me to a lot of new scents.

I snapped away (with my cell phone) a lot of photos to show…

I hit up the mini candle bar. Since the medium and large size candles weren’t on sale yet, I stuck with the little ones so I could get started. Plus, I would find out which ones I have to get in the larger size.

The minis were 3 for $5 so I got 6. Here’s the fragrances I got to try out:

-Pumpkin Caramel Latte

-Black Pepper Bergamot

-Lavender Vanilla

-French Baguette

-Mahogany Teakwood

-Cinnamon Nut Bread (which has been the candle of the day today)

I know I’m getting the Black Pepper Bergamot fragrance. I love almost any fragrance that has Black Pepper in it. Years back, Bath and Body Works had a mens’ line called Molton Brown. When they had it all on clearance, I picked up ‘Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Soother’ lotion. I got it for me, not the hubs.

And the Mahogany Teakwood, another masculine scent, is on the will-buy list too. The French Baguette isn’t as strong as I would like. The Caramel Pumpkin Latte is just one of several pumpkin scents they have in the Fall line up.There are several cider and fresh apple scents as well as some favorites from last year. My fav: Marshmallow Fireside!

Have you seen the new Fall candles in your Bath and Body Works store? Which ones are you loving?