Sample Sunday: Ahava’s Mineral Hand Cream

I got this sample in a Birchbox when I was a subscriber…This is a sample of Ahava’s ‘Mineral Hand Cream’. Not only does this smell luscious, it feels luscious. The texture is silky and velvety. The fragrance is a fresh, clean smell. It could be a bit too strong for some though. However, I liked it. My hands stayed soft for up to 3 hours after applying this cream. I liked using it before bedtime.

In the list of ingredients, there are about as many items that I do recognize as I don’t. But what I can I.D. is witch hazel, dead sea water, linalool (lanolin) , and citronnellol (citronella oil).

‘Mineral Hand Cream’ is listed as being good for all skin types. It says that it is allergy test, paraben free, and approved for sensitive skin…

I’d like to discuss the symbols placed on this tube. The circle of arrows is called ‘Der Grüne Punkt‘ (The Green Dot) and it is the recycling symbol used in Europe . And the triangle of arrows represents that the tube can be recycled.  The rabbit sitting on a triangle  is for a cruelty-free product. However, after 2 hours of searching the Internet, I was unable to find this specific logo. I thought it might be a European logo but that proved fruitless as well. The only connection I could, somewhat, make is that on Ahava’s on webpage they list themselves as being cruelty-free.

I found quite an extensive list of retail stores that sell Ahava products. I know that I have personally seen this hand cream, in full size, at Ulta. I would purchase it however, I have so many hand creams on hand that I don’t need to purchase any at this time.

As a side note: There is some controversy dealing with accusations against Ahava regarding where the dead see minerals actually come from. Since the extent of my review doesn’t cover this subject, I do suggest my readers to research this out for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

Have you tried any Ahava products?