Wet ‘n Wild: Silver Lake Eye Shadow Collection

Wet ‘n Wild slipped in under my radar with the new, limited edition Silver Lake collection. I strolled into one of my local Walgreen’s and found this surprise…

Hipster WnW Collection at Wags


I picked up all five of them before I realized I didn’t take a photo! So, I placed them back, snapped a photo and reclaimed my good fortune!

There wasn’t even the slightest bit of hesitation in acquiring all five of these colorful 6-pan palettes…

Hipster WnW collection

As usual, I use a Q-tip to swatch the shadows on my forearm. I have done it over a shadow primer, as well…

Thrift Store Collage 2 Embrace Collage California Roll Collage Vinyl Collage Vegan Collage

Most of these shadows are shimmery. There are a few mattes that are sublime. In Thrift Store Chic, the middle right side is a semi-matte light peach. In Embrace Obscurity, there are two mattes and they are the two middle shadows. California Roll has two mattes, as well, which are the right side shadows in the middle and bottom row. Vinyl Collection has one matte that is in the upper left-hand corner.

There is a slight over-spray of sparkle on some of these shadows and, if you look closely, you can tell which ones they are. (Curses to you, Wet ‘n Wild, for trying to trick us!) Even still, once past the over-spray, the colors are gorgeous and rich. I found Thrift Store Chic to be the lightest in coverage however, I was still able to achieve a bright and vivid eye look with this palette. As usual, there are several shadows that have some fall-out but, I’m able to flick┬áthose crumblies away with a whisky makeup brush.

I picked up the Silver Lake collection at Walgreens and I didn’t even bother to wait for a BOGO 1/2 off sale, which they have quite often. There was no way I wanted to miss out on these. Oftentimes, Spring collections are soft pastels which make me look very washed-out. So, you can imagine my joy seeing that Wet ‘n Wild not only surprising me with this collection but also with bold and vivid colors.

Have you found this collection yet?

Forever 21: 6-Pan Cream Eyeshadows

What I didn’t tell you in my previous post on a Forever 21 cream eyeshadow palette is that I got 2 palettes…

Mega swatch day 017 Mega swatch day 018Not too similar in shades, I am still fixated on the splatter effect. This palette, being smaller, is less overwhelming but, not dismissive at all…

Mega swatch day 021 Mega swatch day 020 Mega swatch day 019These fun shadow creams have not been wear-tested yet. I have been trying out another type of shadow. However, this one is eagerly sitting in line for its turn.

The swatches dance in the sunlight. They come off like duochromes. You can’t help but be mesmerized…

Mega swatch day 025 Mega swatch day 029 Mega swatch day 030The swatches are ‘swiped’ rather than ‘swirled’. I didn’t mix the splatters to create the swatched color. I just took a swab, loaded it up with some shadow and transferred it to my arm. That is why there are some various colors in amongst the swatches themselves.

The creamiest of creams, these glide on as smooth as warm butter. Using just these shades should create some attractive EOTD (eye-of-the-day look).

Mega swatch day 022 Mega swatch day 023 Mega swatch day 024Rather cosmic, wouldn’t you say?