EZFlow: Silky Soft Hand and Body Lotion

EZFlow was at the Cosmoprof this year. I got to try out some of their hand and body lotions and this is one that I got to review. It is EZFlow Silky Soft in Cucumber Melon…

If you like the fragrance of cucumbers with a bit of melon thrown in, you will certainly love this lotion. I like this combo because it gives me a sense of feeling fresh and summery.  And, at the same time, my skin is getting taken care of in a good way too…

I love all the healthy ingredients they use. From their website, more good news:

Each of our six SILKYSOFT hand & body lotions is formulated with:

Sweet Almond Oil – Neutral, soothing base
Aloe Vera – Used for centuries, taken internally as well as externally, to calm inflammation
Lemon – Cooling and clarifying, with antibacterial and antifungal properties
Lavender – An ancient relaxing herb
Rosemary Leaf Extract – Stimulating and antiseptic
Vitamins A, C and E – Antioxidants which scavenge and fight free radical cell damage

I can’t think of one reason I wouldn’t want these benefits or ingredients in a lotion. I’m fortunate enough to not be allergic to any of these.

The consistency of ‘Silky Soft’ is a wee bit on the thin side however, it is not watery. But, that lotion absorbs so nicely into my skin that I don’t even worry about it now.

During the hot days of summer, cucumber melon cools the skin and gives a cool feeling to your senses as well. I use lotion every morning after a shower and ‘Silky Soft’ gave me a lift, getting me ready for my day. And, at the end of the day, I think everyone knows that cucumber-type lotions are soothing and cooling to the feet. That’s a nice treat for my feet that carried me everywhere that day.

You may know the name brand ‘EZFlow’ from the nail acrylic and gel systems they sell. But their lotions have a strong following by customers who like to keep their hands moisturized. Nail tech have been using ‘EZFlow’ lotions as part of their manicures and pedicures for decades. You can find the ‘Silky Soft’ lotions at beauty supply stores.

Are you enticed to get this soothing, cooling lotion for your feet?