Facial Wipe Wednesday: Wet N Wild Under The Sheets

This edition of Facial Wipe Wednesday covers Wet N Wild’s Facial Wipes called Under The Sheets. I have been wanting to try these for some time but, I continued to select other brands before them. This time when I saw them in the store, I went for it…

WNW Wipe 1

The packaging is the standard plastic one with a resealable plastic flap. I am disappointed to find that the package only contains 25 towelettes…

WNW Wipe 2

But, I am happy to purchase a product made in the USA. Although Wet N Wild states that these are for sensitive skin, I’m starting to feel that statement just doesn’t hold water with me or, with my readers. I implore you to read the ingredient list rather than believe that blanket and, somewhat useless nondescript statement. Here are the ingredients…

WNW Wipe 4

Here’s a bit more about the product from the package…

WNW Wipe 3

I found these sheets to be soft but not supremely soft. As long as the wipes aren’t scratchy or irritating, I’m OK. What these wipes did do was remove…wait for it….WATERPROOF MASCARA. Yes, it’s actually true. I have three different brands I experimented with and, I tested it over and over because I was sure I had done something wrong. There was a bit of scrubbing needed but, I didn’t feel I needed to use my ‘sanding a piece of wood’ mode.

The towelette is regular size, if not a wee bit smaller than most…

WNW Wipe 8

And there isn’t much of a texture to it, however, it is soft. Just not ‘baby soft’…

WNW Wipe 9

There is a very slight fragrance to it. The smell reminds me of a nice aerosol hairspray. I would guess that is the alcohol. It wasn’t unpleasant one bit. And, the fragrance didn’t linger much.

As with all Wet N Wild products, these wipes are cruelty-free…

WNW Wipe 6

There are directions on how to use the wipes. Don’t flush these either. (Now I wonder what the difference is between facial wipes that shouldn’t be flushed and personal wipes that CAN be flushed. I smell research and a blog post.)…

WNW Wipe 7

I picked these up at Target for $3. That makes me more forgiving about there only being 25 sheets to a package. And, although they are inexpensive, they do their job and, they do it well. I did still get some residue with following up with a toner. But, I didn’t need an extra product to remove waterproof mascara and that’s the win.

I know lots of readers love Wet N Wild brand. Have you tried their wipes? What’s your opinion on them?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Pacifica Coco Pure Makeup Removing Wipes

This installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday is a heart-breaker. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

I purchased Pacifica”s Coco Wipes at Target, for around $6, specifically after reading a positive review on another beauty blog. Previously, I have purchased a couple of Pacifica lotions and LOVED the fragrances. If you like Summery-coconut fragrances, I recommend you check Pacifica out.

With no hesitation, I purchased the Pacifica Coco Pure Making Removing Wipes…

pacifica 2

Pretty packaging and just look at all the good things mentioned on the front of the package…

pacifica 3 pacifica 4

And, a favorite of mine to see; a 30 count. Here is what the back of the package shows…

pacifica 7 pacifica 8 pacifica 6 Even the list of ingredients got me excited. Practically everything listed is natural and known to soothe skin…pacifica 5

The wipes were a good size…

pacifica 10

They were incredibly soft too…

pacifica 12

Another plus is the plastic opening to remove the wipes. I feel these can keep the wipes fresher and seal in moisture…

pacifica 9

And, I was thrilled that the wonderful fragrance I have come to associate with Pacifica was a part of these facial wipes too.

So, what went wrong? These babies stung my skin. Especially, right under my eyes and the top of the apples of my cheeks. It felt like it was burning. I ended up using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner or, Vichy’s Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution right away to tame down the burn. Normally, I wait about 10 to 15 minutes after using a facial wipe to see how dried out my skin feels. I couldn’t wait this time.

I noticed that the burning was more intense when I was removing full-on makeup. It still burned when I was makeup-free but, not as intensely as with removing makeup. Maybe I was scrubbing extra hard to remove my makeup since these wipes didn’t work on waterproof mascara at all. Even regular mascara gave these wipes a challenge. In fact, I used two wipes when I had full makeup on because one wasn’t removing everything. I still had makeup coming off with the toner and micellar water.

The possible conclusion I have come to on why my skin felt like it was burning could be the citric acid in the wipes. However, I have used Vitamin C in lots of products before and never had a reaction. Maybe my skin doesn’t like coconut ingredients like my tongue does. Irregardless, I am very disappointed that the Pacifica Coco Pure wipes didn’t agree with me.

Have you tried any Pacifica products? How about the facial wipes?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Puffs Fresh Faces Wipes

This segment of Facial Wipe Wednesday is a product that you might not expect. This is a facial wipe from the makers of the Puffs facial tissues, called Puffs Fresh Faces…

2015-05-27 19.39.51 20150527_194003

As you can see, it’s a decorative box made to leave out on the vanity. My various photos in today’s post show two different color boxes. The photos above have a truer color, a pink shade, than the others I took in sunlight. I’m OK with either color, actually.

This pretty box came free with a three-pack of Puff tissues. I couldn’t find a count on this box however,upon research online, I found the count to be 45. I like that the opening is plastic to keep the wipes from drying out…

puff wipes 3

At first glance, you make think these wipes are personal wipes. However, they are called Puffs Fresh Faces. Even though I could use them as personal wipes, they are not meant to be flushed down the toilet. Puffs Fresh Faces is made in the USA…

puff wipes 6

The promotional ingredient in these wipes is Saline. Saline has a pretty stable pH balance close to what skin is. Once other ingredients are added, however, that pH can change. The premises of this wipe is to keep the skin moist while removing makeup and dirt…

puff wipes 5 puff wipes 4

Here’s what I do know: these wipes smell exactly like toilet paper. Or, Puffs tissues. I find that a pleasant fragrance and it doesn’t stick around long after I have used a wipe on my face. It didn’t sting or even bother my eyes. I found that these wipes weren’t too effective on waterproof or regular mascara. But, I did find that the wipes made my face feel super clean when I used it on a bare face, for example, on days I wore no makeup at all.

The wipes are standard size and I didn’t edit this photo on purpose because Libby was up on the Vanity inspecting my work. You can see her tail at the far left…

puffs wipe 1

There’s just the wee bit of texture to the wipe…

puffs wipe 2

And, this material is thinner than most, as you can see my hand through it. But, in use, it didn’t feel thin at all. It was very sturdy all the way through.

I was not able to find these wipes on the Puffs website so, I’m thinking they came and went already. However, I did find some for sale on the Amazon website.

Puffs Fresh Faces wipes are a hit as a freshen up facial wipe. And, if you don’t have any mascara on, it makes quick work of getting off all other makeup. I love the fragrance and even my husband found using them for a fresher face to be enjoyable.

Have you seen Puffs Fresh Faces? Would you mind using a facial wipe if it smelled like toilet paper?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Wait…These Aren’t For The Face!!

Not the regular Facial Wipe Wednesday this week. This one is going South!!

When I pick up my 5K race bib, I get a swag bag. I look forward to see what goodies I get along with a cool t-shirt. This last time, I got Fresh Feet Wipes by JasmineSeven…
foot wipes 1 foot wipes 2


Each pack as 1 sheet. One Fresh Feet Wipes sheet cleanses both feet. And, you can use it on your hands too. But, my favorite, is to use a wipe after I have finished a long walk or a run. My feet can get hot clocking in the miles! These wipes not only clean my feet, but also, make my feet feel refreshed and cool.

That cool feeling comes from the peppermint and aloe. The soft feeling comes from the Vitamin E. Oh, yes. It makes my feet feel soft and smooth. And, it is totally alcohol free…

foot wipes 3


There’s a little story on the back about how these feet wipes came to be…

foot wipes 4


A listing of the ingredients…

foot wipes 6

The wipe is tightly folded which, might not be something you think about. However, if you have a small backpack or runner’s pack, one of these packets don’t take up hardly any precious room…

foot wipes 7

And, the full-size isn’t skimpy. I like the size of this wipe because I am cleansing two feet…

foot wipes 8

This sheet is slightly textured however, it doesn’t make much difference for my feet…

foot wipes 9

I used the first one right before bed and instantly, I noticed how cooling it felt. I put the other packets with my running shoes to remember to use them after a run. And, that’s what I did. They were awesome! I think I like the Fresh Feet Wipes more for the cooling sensation than just to clean my feet. However, after plodding a few miles, my feet get sweaty. These wipes make it easy to clean up stinky toes!

These are just samples given for signing up for a local race. You can sign up for the races I do and hope you get this in your swag bag. Or, you can purchase these straight from their website, where you can get them in a canister as well as single use packages. I’m excited because they also have lavender scented wipes as well. Now those I’d use a bedtime.

Have you ever used feet wipes? Can you imagine how comforting it would feel to treat your feet to these?


Facial Wipe Wednesday: Purederm’s Q-10 Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelette

You may not know it from looking at me but, I’m a ‘mad scientist’. My day job is concocting mineral makeup colors in my lab. Also, I have a doctorate in naturopath science. That’s the study of herbs, vitamins and nutrition. When I saw this product claiming it contained CoQ-10, I wanted to investigate. My false claim radar went up because CoQ-10 is a particular molecule that wouldn’t normally permeate the skin. It’s too big. That aside, I will mention more about the ingredients further into this review.

Wow, is this not a bright package! It’s even more bright in person. I have seen this brand before but hadn’t given it much regard. But, I have been on the lookout for different facial wipes and I saw this in the impulse aisle at Forever 21…

q10 wipe 1


Later that same day, I saw the exact same product at Nordstrom’s Rack. It cost just a tab bit more there…

q10 wipe 4


Right off I saw something I got excited about: This package has a 30 count!!!…

q10 wipe 2

That’s almost a rarity. And, it also had an expiration date!!!…

q10 wipe 3

I used these wipes for 3 weeks. I found that the further I got in the package, the more juicy the wipes became. These wipes were about average size…

q10 wipe 8

And they were soft too, yet with no texture…

q10 wipe 9

Purderm’s towelettes did an average job of cleansing the makeup off my face. As is the most common complaint, it didn’t do so great with mascara and was worse with waterproof mascara. I had to really scrub my eyes to remove the mascara and, I’d rather not scrub that hard.

The fragrance of these wipes reminded me of Handi-Wipes. A smell that I don’t mind wiping my hands with but, don’t like on my face one bit. That’s the alcohol smell and I’d rather not use that on my face at all.

There are three statements, from their packaging, that I find, in my results, to not be true; they didn’t gently clean my face, they didn’t work on waterproof mascara and, they would not be good for all skin types. Since there is so much alcohol, I’m not sure what skin type it would be good for…

q10 wipe 7 q10 wipe 6


Last is the ingredient list. I looked this over pretty closely because I was interested in how much CoQ-10 these wipes actually had. What I do see are many natural ingredients…

q10 wipe 5

However, none of them are CoQ-10. I didn’t know what all these ingredients were so I did Google a few of them. Still, no CoQ-10.

So, my skepticism seems valid. There isn’t a whole lot of independent studies on the effects of CoQ-10 being an effective in rejuvenating the skin. There are plenty of skincare companies giving us THEIR studies but, I stay skeptical of those claims too.

All in all, these wipes are cheap, do a half-way job and would be OK if I was strapped for a makeup removing wipe. They didn’t irritate my skin but, I didn’t feel like they revitalized or enhanced my skin in any way.

Since these come from Korea, and it looks like they have lots of other products they sell in that country. I’m taking it that it is South Korea. Have you tried any other products from Purederm?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Dickinson’s Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths

This installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday spotlights Dickinson’s Refreshingly Clean Cleansing Cloths…

dickson wipes 3 dickson wipes 2


I have read that witch hazel is better for the skin than rubbing alcohol. I wouldn’t use straight rubbing alcohol on my skin, much less my face. Yet, witch hazel as a long history as being very good to the skin.

This is a list of what witch hazel can do for the skin, taken directly from the Dickinson’s website:

Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • Removes excess oil and sebum
  • Controls oil production
  • Reduces skin blemishes
  • Cleanses and conditions skin
  • Tones and tightens pores
  • Soothes redness
  • Refreshes and cools skin
  • Does not over dry
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested

In an effort to expand the variety of wipes to review, I was very much looking forward to testing these wipes. Of course, to my chagrin, this package has 25 wipes rather than 30. But, after using these wipes, I can almost totally forgive that faux pas.

The packaging states that it can do quite a bit…

dickson wipes 4


And, I found all of these to be true. Only mascara was a bit stubborn to remove. I did need to go over my lashes several times to get all the flakes off. The wipes were very moist and yes, it actually did feel refreshing to use. I can see how this product would be soothing to puffy skin, especially to the under eye area.

In the several years that I have been doing these wipe reviews, I think this is the shortest list of ingredients I have yet to see…

dickson wipes 5


Two more pluses for Dickinson’s are that they are made in the US and, they do not test on animals. You’ll notice that this product still has alcohol in it. This is used to help the product dissolve the dirt and activate the witch hazel. I didn’t find that it dried my skin out but, I always follow up with a moisturizer regardless.

I was completely impressed with the size of the wipes…

dickson wipes 7

I had to pull the wipe down to my wrist to show the complete, full size of it. This size was plenty to cleanse my entire face and eye area. And, right from the beginning, Dickinson’s Cleansing Cloths were very moist, just how I like it.

I liked that the wipe had a texture to it…

dickson wipes 8

This is the first time I have ever used a witch hazel product. I was concerned it would be too drying for my skin. But, my concern was unfounded even with my slightly dry skin. These cleansing clothes sell for around $7 at Walgreen’s. I know I picked mine up on sale, however I don’t recall what I paid for them.

For those with sensitive skin, their website claims that these are good for even the most sensitive. I think that’s pretty bold yet, with the short list of ingredients, it would seem there is less of a chance for disrupting the skin.

If you happen to visit their website, you’ll find it full of information on witch hazel. If you are considering using these wipes, which I can easily recommend, you’ll discover quite a bit there.

Have you ever used witch hazel?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Sephora’s Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes

I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’ Well, that isn’t going to apply with this installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday. My review of Sephora’s Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes is not a positive one.



I will start off with what I liked about the product. I was drawn to try these because each wipe is individually wrapped. That would mean no reopening a package each time I used a wipe and, not worrying about making sure the top, or flap, is sealed down tight. No worries about dried up wipes…


The wipes were not very moist to begin with, however. I would have liked them to be a little more juicy, if you know what I mean. And yes, this is where the rest of the review goes downhill.

For $9, the box only contains 20 wipes. As you have read in my previous installments on Facial Wipe Wednesday, I have bemoaned the fact that a lot of facial wipes have dropped from a 30 count to a 25 count. So, I’m not happy at all getting just 20 wipes.

Next is the size of the wipe, itself…


Usually, wipes will cover my entire hand and even drape over the sides. Sephora’s facial wipe didn’t even cover my entire open palm/hand. Even using these, they felt extremely skimpy and too small to use on my entire face.

Next, these were the worst facial/makeup removal wipes I have ever used. I know, that’s a huge declaration to make. Considering the information given on the package…

DSCF0018 DSCF0019

I couldn’t even get these wipes to remove mineral foundation, much less regular mascara. I didn’t even attempt to experiment with these wipes on water-proof mascara because I had to work extremely hard to remove regular mascara, pencil eyeliner and shadow. Each time I used these wipes to remove makeup, I needing to use another cleanser to completely remove my eye and face makeup. This wipe wasn’t even large enough for me to clean my face sufficiently, much less work on removing eye makeup.

After my attempt to use the Sephora wipes, I felt my eyes stinging. I do not know what was causing this, actually and, it could have been that I was getting the product into my eyes from scrubbing them so hard but, it wasn’t pleasant for me, at all…


Normally, I use the facial wipes for 21 days before I write my review on them. These wipes didn’t get past 5 days. They were so ineffective that I stopped using them. On the fifth day, I used them to clean a no-makeup face. However, if they couldn’t even partially remove the makeup on the previous days, I didn’t have high hopes that my skin was actually clean with no makeup to remove! I was compelled to go ahead and get another face cleanser and cloth and re-wash my face.

Based on my experience with Sephora’s Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes, I cannot recommend them to anyone.

Have you tried these wipes and, what was your experience?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Lumene Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes

This installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday features Lumene’s Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes…



I have tried, and reviewed, other Lumene skin care products before and have been quite happy with them. So, when I found these cleansing wipes at Walgreen’s at a clearance price of $3.39, regularly $6.79, I didn’t hesitate to make the purchase.

If you have read my other numerous reviews on facial wipes, you’ll know that one of my pet peeves is packages of items that are used on a daily basis not coming in 30 counts. This package only had 25. But, what it lacked in quantity, it did make up in quality. Quite noticeable is the true sense of these wipes being fragrance-free…



These had absolutely no odor to them at all. Perfect for those that have fragrance sensitivities. Also, Lumene’s wipes, in my opinion, would be better for those that have sensitive skin than Simple facial wipes. Lumene’s Sensitive Touch wipes felt more gentle to my skin. It didn’t feel drying or harsh. Here are the ingredients…


This was the first time I have noticed an expiration date on facial cleansing wipes…


That’s nice to see because, even though these were on the shelf with the regular skin care items at Walgreens, they still were marked clearance. So, I felt better about the purchase knowing that these hadn’t been setting there for years. I wish all wipes had that info!

The packaging states that the wipes are meant for non-waterproof makeup so I didn’t test it on waterproof mascara…



I felt that Lumene’s wipes were very good at removing my makeup, otherwise. I didn’t have to scrub hard to remove my eye makeup and I didn’t feel the need to rinse my face after using them. I do, normally, use a skin toner afterwards to see if there is any residue or, if the wipes just smear my makeup around my face. No need to worry about that; these wipes did a great job of holding onto the makeup.

It seems that these wipes were just a bit smaller than other wipes that I have used. But, they were very soft…

DSCF0014 DSCF0015


Since I haven’t seen these wipes in Walgreen’s since I made this purchase over a month and a half ago, I searched to see if they were still carrying them. I found them on the Walgreen’s website for $4.71. I also found them on the Ulta’s website for $5.94.

If you like to use facial cleansing wipes and also want to use one that is for very sensitive skin, I recommend Lumene’s Sensitive Touch 3 In 1 Cleansing Wipes.

I haven’t been disappointed in any of the Lumene’s products I have tried so far. Have you tried any Lumene’s products?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Brightening Cloths

Ole Henriksen facial wipes have been recommended to me several times. After using ‘The Clean Truth’ Cleansing Cloths for Brightening, I see why!…



I chose the Brightening because it lists CoQ10 as one of the ingredients and, I know it is a very powerful anti-aging enzyme. It was also nice to see a total count of 30 in the packaging too…


I have mentioned in other Facial Wipe Wednesday posts that many companies (and not just with facial wipes) have cut back on 30 counts. Ole Henriksen is a higher-end skin care company so I’m pleased to see that they haven’t skipped. Also, I like the opening of their package. A plastic snap top keeps the cloths from drying out, in my opinion. I found these wipes to have just the right amount of moisture in them to get the job done and that is, a clean face with all my makeup removed.

The Clean Truth wipes contain black currant oil which is meant to help moisturize the skin. I noticed this the second night I used these cloths. My skin didn’t feel like I needed to hurry to put my nighttime moisturizer on. Absent was that tight feeling I get after washing my face. Next, and the most remarkable thing about the wipes is the Vitamin C…



You know what orange zest smells like, right? That citrus fragrance that is unmistakably ORANGE….that is what these facial cloths smell like…10 fold. Now, I LOVE the smell of oranges so, if you don’t, you might want to pick one of Ole Henriksen’s other facial wipes. If you need to wake up or feel instantly refreshed, I completely recommend using these. I think I’ll tuck a pack of these in my workout bag because these would be ideal to use right after a hard workout. In all seriousness, I looked forward to using these just for the aromatic fragrance alone. That they do a grand job at removing my makeup was a distant second!

And, as you can see, there are lots of other healthy ingredients listed…


The Clean Truth wipes are a standard size…


And, the cloth is textured, which I feel helps hold onto the dirt and makeup so it doesn’t end up smeared all over my face…


I purchased my Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Brightening wipes at Sephora. There is a complete line of The Clean Truth and I am now looking forward to trying some of them to see if they have the same intensely awesome orange fragrance. The 30 count wipes I purchased cost $15.

If you have tried any of the other products from The Clean Truth line, which do you recommend I try next?

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes

For this installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday, I went looking for something that was known to be soothing and gentle to skin. In the last installment of Facial Wipe Wednesday, I reviewed Target’s Up and Up facial wipes and I didn’t have a good experience at all. Up and Up made my face sting and it hurt! So, I looked for a brand that would be kind to my skin. I found it with Aveeno…



I was instantly drawn to the words ‘calming’ and ‘gently soothes’. That was exactly what I wanted. I’m happy to report that Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming makeup removing wipes did exactly that.

Do you remember when you used to buy products that you’d use on a daily basis and they would have a 30 counts? Well, I think companies are being not-too-sneaky and lowing the counts on items so as to not raise the prices…


Nevertheless, I did find Ultra-Calming wipes to be totally efficient at removing my makeup. As I have stated in other posts, I don’t have sensitive skin but I wanted to find something that gave my face a nice ‘ahhhh’ after wiping off my makeup. These Aveeno wipes are ones that I would recommend to my sensitive-skin friends because it was that gentle…



After using a wipe, I found that following up with a toner wasn’t necessary, although it is something I do to test how well the wipes hold the grime. These Ultra-Calming wipes held onto the makeup it was removing and didn’t smear it around my face. Now I’m even gleeful!

These wipes were standard size and had a gentle texture to them…

DSCF0034 DSCF0035

A list of the ingredients didn’t yield anything that made me concerned. I know that aloe, feverfew and cucumber are soothing to the skin…



The opening was a plastic rim and that usually is good enough and, my preferred type of opening for wipes. Aveeno did have a peel top inside the rim, however, I left it in place just for the extra sealing…


Here’s what I do know: Aveeno Ultra-Calming facial wipes ARE calming. They do the job and they do it very well. I didn’t feel that my skin was totally stripped of all its moisture but I didn’t feel any type of residue left behind. They are just a tiny bit more expensive than some other wipes but, at $5.99, I feel they are fairly priced. I did pick mine up at Target when they were on sale for $5.49.

Again, Aveeno is a brand known for being gentle to skin. Their Ultra-Cleaning makeup removing wipes hold true to that proclamation.

Have you tried Aveeno wipes before? What other Aveeno products do you recommend?