Covergirl’s Natureluxe Lip Balm: Hibiscus

Finally, warmer days here in Colorado! I have been itchin’ to sit out on my porch and wind down my days. But, I don’t do it without some SPF going on. And that means for my lips too. This is Covergirl’s Natureluxe Gloss Balm…

DSCF0069 DSCF0070


It’s equal parts a gloss and a balm, making my lips hydrated and yet with just a little bit of color. They are touting a 15 SPF, which isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing. You still gotta protect any exposed skin!

I chose ‘Hibiscus’ because it is the cutest Summer pink shade…

DSCF0071 DSCF0072With mango, shea and other natural butters, you can bet this balm gliiiiiides on smoothly. You are trading a bit of color for a creamy texture but this is perfectly OK when you only want a hint of color. If I’m out and it’s rather warm, I don’t want a heavy lipstick on. Covergirl’s Natureluxe gloss balm is just the thing…


There is still enough color that you will want to apply it like a lipstick rather than like a no-color balm, though. That means, you’ll want to color within the lines!…

covergirl lippie no sun covergirl lippieThis gloss balm’s packaging is sleek and doesn’t take up a lot of room. So don’t hesitate to pop it into your picnic basket, beach bag or capri’s pocket this Summer.

I picked this balm up at Walgreen’s for around $4. Have you picked up yours yet?

Toss or Trash: Random Collections

During my move to another state, I have been actually saving my trash and toss items. And I have boxes of new products to review. However, along with moving there has been apartment hunting, starting a new job and just learning my way around. First order of business, after getting a new vehicle, was…where are the Walgreens, are there Ulta stores near by and, how do I get to Rite Aid?

Let me show you some of the bottom of the pan/can/bottle items…

toss or trash 011These are two new-to-me products. I wanted to test out something different than my usual fare. Suave is a product that I used in my early adult years. Mainly because it is inexpensive. However, this time I picked the ‘milk and honey splash’ for the aroma. It isn’t overwhelming; it’s a fresh, warm fragrance. And this wash didn’t dry out my skin. This is trash because I would use it again.

The Sauve Max Hold hairspray was another attempt at giving a new-to-me product a try. Again, I was quite happy with this hairspray. It didn’t have hardly any aroma, it didn’t make my hair feel dried out and, it did hold my hair in place. Mostly I spray my bangs and the wispies behind my ears. Sauve, again, is something I can recommend for those that, like me, have fine hair and want to keep it in place without a crunchy feel.

Here are a a couple of toss items and, one trash…

toss or trash 016On the far left is a Laura Geller clear lip gloss. It WAS clear. I like Laura Geller products very much. And even though this gloss was nice, it was not so stellar that it is something I can’t live without.

In the middle is another Laura Geller product that is used to make a shadow into a liner. I used this quite a bit. However, once it is used for one shade, it starts to contaminate the next shades I would pick. Laura Geller has another product similar to this that is in a small squeeze bottle and does the job in a way that there is no contamination between uses. I will deem this a toss because I wouldn’t repurchase it.

toss or trash 017

Last is ‘Degree: Sheer Powder’ antiperspirant and deodorant. As a faithful reader, you know that deodorant is something that I’m so fickle about. I never get the same brand or fragrance twice. However, I can say that I like this Degree and the fragrance was light and powdery; just as it is named. I didn’t have any staining or marks on my clothing from using this product. It did its job and I can recommend it.

toss or trash 018

With the exception of the Laura Geller products, you can find the other items at most drug and mass retail stores. Laura Geller has been selling her products for over a year at Ulta and I’m happy to see that she has made them easier to purchase by doing so. The two products of hers that I have reviewed, I purchased from QVC.

Have you tried any of these products?

Milani Monday: Face Of The Day

This Milani Monday is a FOTD look. I used all Miani cosmetics to create it. Let’s start with the two eye shadows that I based this look around. These are from the Runway Eyes collection, which is a core collection…

‘Silver Charm’ is a soft color; not overly metallic-looking at all. ‘Royalty’ is a purply-violet that has lots of shimmer to it. ‘Royalty’ looks pink in the photos, but it is a lot more purple, which will show better in the swatches…

It might look like the sparkles are over-spray. However, I swirled into the pan and it stayed shimmery through.

I swatched both wet and dry. The larger swatch is dry while the narrow swatch is done wet…

‘Royalty’ is showing truer in the swatches.

To create my look, I used Milani for everything but the translucent facial powder. These are the Milani products I used…

From the top: my very favorite mascara, Total Lash Cover in Black; the lipstick is ‘Pink Love’; on top of the lipstick I used Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss in ‘Quick Flash’; I used two different eyeliners, both from the Shadow Eyez 12 Hour Wear Eyeshadow collection, ‘Green Safari’ and ‘Brown Deluxe’; and as the liner under my eyes, I used Color Play Felt-tip Liquid Pen in ‘White Line’.

This is how I got them all together…

Without a doubt, Milani’s products are very pigmented. I did the shadows wet and I couldn’t be happier with the intensity and blendability. The lipstick and gloss complimented each other very well.

In self-portraits, why is the nose made to look so huge!?? I wish it would make my lips look bigger. LOL

Do you have any of these Milani products?

Color Memory: Battle Of The Gloss Shades

In college, I took an art appreciation class. Our instructor told us about how the brain perceives color and how our brain stores it. Since most people have an abstract memory, as opposed to those that have a photographic memory, we do not have good color memory. Then, I attended a makeup artistry class and again, I heard that the brain doesn’t have a good color memory. Most of us don’t recall a color’s true hue very well. Example: Have you ever purchased an article of clothing thinking it would go with something you already own? Then, when you get home it doesn’t work at all because the colors clash? That’s our brain not having precise color memory.

Gosh, that has happened to me many times. I do that a lot with blues. But, once I learned about cool, warm and neutral tones in colors, I got more hits than misses. Today, I have a miss to you show.

A new store in town has an elf makeup tower display. I only pushed one person out of the way to get to it, so I was fairly proud of my restraint. I got several items and one of them was this gloss…

This is called ‘Jeweled Jem’. Glitter overload to the max. Now, I’m sitting here at my desk with said gloss in my hand. Comparing the photo to the real thing doesn’t match up. This gloss is more purply. I still love it, but the photo is deceptive.

Then, at a later date, I saw a glitter gloss by LA Colors. I knew I had the elf gloss but couldn’t remember if it was more pink, more purple??? And since it was at the Dollar Tree, I was only going to be out a buck. Now, here’s the two side by side…

The top gloss is the LA Color one and I’m not finding a name on it. Do you see how my camera adjusted the elf to be more purple? And that is a LOT closer to what it is in real life. My point is, I thought they’d probably be close in shade. Maybe not glitter amount but I thought it was going to be a close dupe.

Here’s what happened when I swatched them…

LA Color on the top; elf on the bottom. Next trick; what you see in the bottle doesn’t always translate OUT of the bottle. In this case, it’s a tube. The LA Color is almost a peachy color and boy, is it light. Before I go on to show you the individual glosses, let me say, that if you want to make a match of color(s), whether it’s clothes, makeup, polish, shoes or redecorating your house…take the things you want to match with you, physically, and don’t rely on just your memory.

Since I purchased the elf gloss ‘Jewled Jem’ first, let me show you that one…

The applicator is a soft brush. It holds the gloss really well when you put on that first stroke. But, after that, I had to fish out more product as it didn’t adhere too well onto the brush after that. I stuck it into the tube and swirled it around hoping to scoop up more. That’s what did the trick. This isn’t unique, though. The gloss wasn’t runny but rather thick. That’s a good thing as the gloss stayed on my lips better and I got very nice coverage.

This is the LA Color doe-foot applicator…

Does this even look like the same gloss from the photos at the top? This is pink and I thought it was going to be a golden red, going by the color I see in the tube. This one was even tougher to get the gloss out. I had to remember not to bend the wand too far while swirling inside the tube. I’ve broken them off doing that in the past. And this was a very sheer gloss. Almost what a little girl could use because it isn’t much there. But, I do like it over lipsticks.

I will say that I am happy I got both. For a total of $4 I got a couple of fairly cool glosses. Both shades work on me and I didn’t get two of the same shade.

But even if my color memory was really good, I still couldn’t rely on it in this case, because what’s in the tube isn’t always what comes out. Moral of the story: Open up the makeup and test it out before you buy it.

Just kidding!!! What I recommend is purchase your beauty items at a store where you know they will refund your money if you don’t like it. Walgreens, Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond and CVS are good with this. Happy Matching!!

Mary Kay: Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss

This has never happened before to me. I was at the mall and happened to see a woman applying a lip gloss that was simply gorgeous. It stopped me right there and because I knew I was staring too long, I had to say something. Well, the truth made it easy. I told her that her lip gloss was really pretty. She replied with a ‘oh, yea?’ and she took my sincere compliment seriously. I mentioned that I am a beauty blogger and just randomly notice pretty stuff. (Insert canned laughter) She showed me the tube, and I said it was nice, and told me it was Mary Kay. I was so surprised because I haven’t looked at Mary Kay products in a very long time. Then she told me she was a Mary Kay representative. Oh, no! I thought. What did I got myself into it? She started digging in her bag and I knew I was going to get to see all the new items MK has, ala brochure. But this nice woman, GAVE me a brand, new tube as a gift! She didn’t even give me a business card.

Look at this yummy gloss…Of course, I love red lippies!

If I spent the time, I know durn-well I’d find a nail polish in my stash to match this. It’s an orange-ish red with red and magenta sparkles. So not in your face sparkly, though. Check further down and you’ll see.

A simple, random act of kindness. It, truly, made my day. And, after trying this out myself, I wish she would have given me a card. I would like to try other shades. I did some research and found that Mary Kay’s Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss comes in 14 shades and is $14. The anti-oxidants and botanical extracts keep the lips smooth and hydrated. It promises to be long-lasting and good at conditioning my lips.

I wore ‘Red Passion’ for the rest of the day…

‘Red Passion’ is smooth, really smooth. There’s not fragrance or taste. Only thing I didn’t care for was that it was somewhat sticky/tacky, at first. That causes me to want to rub my lips together too much. And, that has to look weird. Other than that, I like it!

Thank you, nice Mary Kay lady, wherever you are!